Trump's Response to COVID-19

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walkoflife, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. soulcompromise

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    Well, he signed it into law. At the urging of senator Sanders, among others, no less! It's $600 for everyone except me - dependent adults. SMH

    Well, I'm back at work and can't be claimed as a dependent for 2020, so I qualify for a credit to claim stimulus called the "Recovery Rebate Credit". I'm hopeful that I'll get both stimulus checks with my tax refund, but that won't be until April. Maybe someone will give me a loan on the amount of the return for 5%... :tonguewink:
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    One more very sad update .............. now over 336,000 U.S. citizens DEAD of Covid-19. "Operation warp speed" isn't so speedy with their logistical roll-out of vaccines - not even close to what they bragged about.

    "It's only 1 person coming in from China. Don't worry - we have it all under control." - Donald Trump ...... early 2020
    "It'll all disappear like magic, once the weather warms. It'll miraculously disappear." - Donald Trump ...... early 2020
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  4. walkoflife

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    With this new strand of COVID surfacing, I'm wondering if taking the vaccination would be worth it since Moderna based this vaccine off the original strand.
  5. Piobaire

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  6. MeAgain

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    Yes. it would be worth works on all strands so far.
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  7. erofant

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    I'll take the shot for sure. If it even acts like traditional flu shots - which don't guarantee you won't get the flu, but it'll mitigate the effects of the flu so you don't die from it - the new vaccine will be worth it. I'll take it.
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  8. walkoflife

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    I just tested today, did not take the rapid. I will take the shot if I turn out negative, or after I am negative again. I have no symptoms.
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  9. Give me your definition of "works"
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  10. And you all realise the super infectious strains, there are two of them, means the virus was going to spread everywhere no matter what measures were taken

    Everything we did in 2020 just delayed everything 6 months
  11. Vladimir Illich

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    Oh - has the pink poodle popped up again ??? - so tell us - when are they going to stick your arse with the vaccine ???
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Anyone else tell me how you think the vaccine is going to protect people from the blood clotting?
  14. It's already started, to support the roll out of the vaccine, we are in to "oh, but old people die anyway" territory


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  15. There are three main candidates for proteins in the body the virus is triggering blood clotting because of, what actually is causing most of the deaths

    Several drugs in development associated with them that won't be available till the end of the year
  16. erofant

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    I'm ashamed to say I have a number of relatives who STILL think Covid-19 is a made-up Democratic hoax. A couple of them think the shot is to implant them with a chip. o_O O..... M ..... G !!!!!!

    This is a question of physical possibilities ........... When loading a syringe out of a multi-dose vial, how does a person draw in one specific chip??? ( a microscopic one! ) How is that even possible???

    I guess if you're in the radical LUNATIC FRINGE .......... anything is possible. Tin foil hats all around!!! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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  17. Tyrsonswood

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    This has been floating around the internet...


    It's actually part of the schematic for a guitar distortion pedal...

    Stupid people are stupid.
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  18. wrat1

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    Always remember there is a certain amount of people who think the earth is flat and chocolate milk comes from brown cows
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  19. Your just as gullible for believing fake Reddit posts
  20. soulcompromise

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    Tht's pretty rich... I had a caller the other day (work in call center) who didn't like the 5G idea. He said that Google can track your body movement by the way your phone is tilted/knows when you get in and out of a car, etc. Probably so... but he said more so with 5G. That's the part I didn't exactly understand. Isn't it simply better internet for your phone, for those times when you aren't on a Wi-Fi hotspot or your home internet and need to use cell tower internet?

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