Trump's Response to COVID-19

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walkoflife, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Think of it like an upside down iceberg

    With 80% above the surface you can see, 20% below the surface that is never seen

    The 80% representing everything Trump has or hasn't done, all the crap the media has overplayed, Trump himself has overplayed

    And all the time under the surface is that 20% that represents most people's motivations and emotions: that they were always going to hate Trump regardless because he was filthy rich and smug

    There are too many Covid deaths in US,UK and Europe because there are simply too many fat, unhealthy old people in those places

    China travel ban was the most important thing any president could have done at that time, it did save another hundred thousand, for this year anyway

    Your "experts" never had a way to stop it, only slow it down, and almost the entire population just stands around like sheep waiting to be told what to do, then only listen to what doesn't sound like too much effort
  2. Oh you are Australian

    Why did you mention SD specifically?

    So you really bought that whole Dan Andrews thing? He was the one that caused it in the first place

    So for how long do you think the lockdown is going to keep Covid out of Melbourne? They will just get hammered next winter
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    Scott Atlas, Trump's latest ass kisser tells Michigan resident's to "rise up" against public health measures.
    Govonor Witmer, who was targeted for kidnapping and death replied,
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  4. erofant

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    Not here in the U.S. - or parts of it - where REAL TOUGH GUY HE-MEN punch their fists into hornets' nests and then challenge the hornets to sting them. PRUDENT??? (this is a comparison to the lunacy of ignoring sound medical advice about Covid-19 and how to respond to it .......)

    Don't let common sense get in the way of their "toughness and he-manliness" -------------- Not surprising when some mothers won't vaccinate their children against measles or other easily preventable diseases.

    Prudent - "Having careful judgement, judicious, wise, using discretion, having foresight." - - - Webster's Dictionary
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    yea. That's almost not enough though. I think it was VG who was saying 9 times out of 10 you get sick despite your best efforts at wearing a mask - though I don't know what data supports.

    I think it's better to avoid going out & even family gatherings for the time being.
  6. soulcompromise

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    I haven't been shopping except to get undershirts. :-S
  7. Tyrsonswood

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    Yeah... VG, the authority on nothing.
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  9. 2nd round of emergency powers are likely to be shot down once private litigants get in on the action

    Whitmer in Michigan ignored the emergency powers a second time and went the route of a 1919 law for that reason which itself has several challenges

    You just can't have governors making up their own rules for an extended period of time, no matter what the reason
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    Michigan governor announces emergency measures as COVID-19 surges throughout the state (11/15/2020)
    Maybe someone should rise up and kidnap her.
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  12. Half the population just ignoring the orders sounds a lot easier
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  13. Link here to what's been happening in Peru politically, three Presidents in two weeks

    Peru's congress votes in Francisco Sagasti as interim leader

    Huge amount of covid deaths, most of which since the start of their winter in June (more per million than the US), a 40% drop to their economy becuase of covid lockdowns, political unrest, street violence

    Does that all sound familiar?

    A whole bunch of young people finding some thing to be angry at, but can't say out loud it's losing their jobs becuase of covid, a government that can't admit there is no solution to Covid, and a whole bunch of old people sitting at home just believing what the media tells them too
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  15. hotwater

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    As Republican Senator Grassley Tests Positive, Coronavirus Threatens to Stall Work in Congress

    Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, 87, on Tuesday became the latest lawmaker to be affected, announcing that he had tested positive. His absence helped to temporarily derail the confirmation of President Trump’s nominee for the Federal Reserve Board and shattered Mr. Grassley’s pride and joy, the longest consecutive voting streak in Senate history.

    His diagnosis came the day after Representative Don Young of Alaska, also 87, disclosed that he had been hospitalized over the weekend after what he described as a particularly brutal bout with Covid-19. The twin announcements from two men whose gender and age put them at peak vulnerability to being killed by the virus underscored the risks that lawmakers are operating under as Congress continues to meet.

    The marble-and-stone petri dish that is Capitol Hill is a vivid microcosm of the national struggle to confront and contain the spread of the pandemic,
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  17. Tyrsonswood

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    Those people are waiting for the hoax to kick in, then everything will just magically go away, like a miracle....
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