Trump's Response to COVID-19

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walkoflife, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. soulcompromise

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    Yea. I agree.

    Though I remain loyal to the establishment, I'm not fond of this administration, its policies, or its stance on CoViD-19. I think they've not done much to lead by example.
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  2. Balbus

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    They concluded that because it was correct the question is why are there people still claiming that that wasn't/isn't the case or even that Trump has done a good job?
  3. walkoflife

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    Do you guys think we will get this thing under control (or more so than it is) when Biden takes office? I sure hope so.
  4. unfocusedanakin

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    No because the Republican anti-makers will remain, Simple and factual logic is not followed because Democrats said to do it. These same people who are the peppers who buy all the ammo and have 2 years of canned good are anti-mask. I guarantee they have gas masks because the air is not safe because of a nuke or Chinese bio weapon. In a world where they can't just shoot people they don't like they can't adapt. They don't see the virus as real and if Biden is in office they will triple down on resistance.

    When a vaccine comes they will not take it and until then they will be in public spaces. It's kind of like the walking dead. They are the zombies and they are forever chasing the healthy people who try to escape them. Honestly the best hope for society is when enough of them die but they will take thousands with them and it will take years.

    The virus is under control elsewhere but you can not convince Republicans that the entire world cares so much about America they all got together and lied just to sabotage the party that owns guns and hates tax AKA the the real Americans.
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  5. walkoflife

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    I believe both the Presidency and Senate flips.
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  6. wrat1

    wrat1 Members

    Just where exactly is the pandemic under control?

    World must get COVID-19 under control before winter comes to Northern Hemisphere: WHO doctor
    The WHO has called surging coronavirus cases in Europe a “very serious situation.”

    Even countries that got coronavirus under control are now struggling. That's deeply concerning for the rest of the world - CNN
    The coronavirus is "easily the most severe" public health emergency the World Health Organization (WHO) has ever faced, its director-general said Monday, as countries that previously appeared to have the pandemic under control recorded an uptick in cases.

    Across the Asia-Pacific region, where countries were among the first hit by the virus and the first to contain it, there have been new and in some cases seemingly unexplained increases in the number of infections. Governments that had previously been lauded for their response to the pandemic now seem to be struggling.
  7. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Trump threatens to fire Fauci in rift with disease expert

    President Donald Trump is suggesting that he will fire Dr. Anthony Fauci after Tuesday’s election, as his rift with the nation’s top infectious disease expert widens while the nation sees its most
    alarming outbreak of the coronavirus since the spring.

    Speaking at a campaign rally in Opa-locka, Florida, Trump expressed frustration that the surging cases of the virus that has killed more than 230,000 Americans so far this year remains prominent
    in the news, sparking chants of “Fire Fauci” from his supporters.

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  8. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    I can go outside right now and do much more than Americans can. The way I had to live in April is not what it is now. Seems in America you have to live the same way you did in the first few weeks of the virus. Why are your football stadiums empty? People would love to pay for seats and they can't.

    Even if your argument was true doesn't that kind of prove the need for masks? If using them there are still problems it's even more foolish to act like a Republican and cry "mah rights" while not caring for anyone else.
  9. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

  10. wrat1

    wrat1 Members

    Its not an argument its a statement of fact the majority of the WORLD does NOT have the virus under control
    Countries beating Covid-19 —

    Bali took a huge risk opening up for tourists. Now it's hurtling towards a coronavirus disaster
  11. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Some people are just aren’t taking the stress of this pandemic very well

    Man yells ‘covid-19,’ pepper-sprays Chinese tea shop owner, police say

    A man entered a tea shop near Northwest Washington’s Dupont Circle yelling “Chinese” and “covid-19” and then pepper-sprayed the Chinese proprietor, according to D.C. police, who are investigating the attack as a suspected hate crime.

    The incident happened Tuesday morning at Valley Brook Tea in the 2100 block of P Street NW. Police have not made any arrests.

    Yunhan Zhang, who opened the shop in February, said the attack was at least the second time he or his shop has been targeted since the outbreak of the pandemic, which originated in Wuhan, China.
  12. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    I thought the virus was supposed to be gone after November 4. Whatever happened to that idea?
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  13. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Trump believes a number of things, for instance….

    Trump believes the Chinese deliberately manufactured the virus to ruin his presidency

    Once the virus entered the United states, deep-state minded democratic governors shutdown the economy, not in an effort to save lives, but to destroy everything he built

    Trump believes Pfizer waited until after the election to announce its breakthrough vaccine, because they too are a part of the 'medical branch' of the deep state conspiracy.
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  14. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    I've got some information for the DC Police... This is the definition of a Hate Crime.

    Lock him up.
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  15. Texas has the most news cases currently, but the next 10 are a whole bunch of blue states

    I told you so, this overemphasis on masks is also what's helping to spread the virus

    Are you still going to stick your head in the sand and think only Trump supporters not wearing masks are getting infected?
  16. Shouldn't there already be a state wide mask mandate in every state with a dem governor if they know Biden will ask for a national one Jan 20th?
  17. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter

    I read something that said Biden 'can't' do a mandate.
  18. MeAgain

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    Every Democratic governor has a mask mandate.
    Joe Biden currently holds no political office, so he can't do any mask mandate at this time.

    States and others with mask mandates as of Nov. 10:
    Y Alabama R
    N Alaska R
    N Arizona R
    Y Arkansas R
    Y California D
    Y Colorado D
    Y Connecticut D
    Y Delaware D
    Y District of Columbia D (Mayor)
    N Florida R
    N Georgia R
    Y Hawaii D
    N Idaho R
    Y Illinois D
    Y Indiana R
    N Iowa R
    Y Kansas D
    Y Kentucky D
    Y Louisiana D
    Y Maine D
    Y Maryland R
    Y Massachusetts R
    Y Michigan D
    Y Minnesota D
    N Mississippi R
    N Missouri R
    Y Montana D
    N Nebraska R
    Y Nevada D
    N New Hampshire R
    Y New Jersey D
    Y New Mexico D
    Y New York D
    Y North Carolina D
    Y North Carolina D
    N North Dakota R
    Y Ohio R
    N Oklahoma R
    Y Oregon D
    Y Pennsylvania D
    Y Puerto Rico NP
    Y Rhode Island D
    N South Carolina R
    N South Dakota R
    N Tennessee R
    Y Texas R
    Y Utah R
    Y Vermont R
    Y Virginia D
    Y Washington D
    Y West Virginia R
    Y Wisconsin D
    N Wyoming R
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  19. CDC report dated 11th September, from Data July through September

    70.6% of the people in this study infected with covid self reported "always" wearing a face covering

    Reported use of cloth face covering or mask 14 days before illness onset (missing = 2)
    Never 6 (3.9) 5 (3.1) 0.86
    Rarely 6 (3.9) 6 (3.8)
    Sometimes 11 (7.2) 7 (4.4)
    Often 22 (14.4) 23 (14.5)
    Always 108 (70.6)
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  20. soulcompromise

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    This is one of the articles to which I referred earlier. They're saying this newly, as of a few days ago...

    CDC now says masks protect wearers from Covid-19 - CNN


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