Trump signs biggest tax reform in US History!!

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Cashtwenty2, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Obama did everything he could to avert a Great Depression that was caused by Bush Jr. At the time (2007/8), the entire economy was collapsing, including the banking and auto industries. Obama saved the country by over spending on the advice of competent economist, not semi-competent evangelicals who think a woman's body shuts down during rape. Obama gave the entire country a little rebate so people could go out and spend and revive the economy. It is the Republican thinking that calls for poor people to be further deprived and have no money to spend on rent, food, auto-insurance, and health care. The Obama economy is far superior, because it employs real economists.
  2. stormountainman

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    And all the banksters who got millions in profit sharing insisted they had contractual right dating back to the Bush Jr days. Obama had one hell of an economic problem on his first day on the job. And Obama did correct things. What we need is some up to date serious anti trust laws to control corporate crime.
  3. stormountainman

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    The Republicans want to borrow money and start wars.
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    Hilarious. You might want to fa

    Umm really? Your source for that please?

    This may help you clarify what administration did what.Obama's Solyndra Problem -

    A little excerpt from it:

    "Obama referred to Solyndra’s loan at an Oct. 6 press conference as “a loan guarantee program that predates me.” That’s not accurate. It’s true that the Energy Policy Act of 2005 created a loan guarantee program for clean-energy companies developing “innovative technologies.” But Solyndra’s loan guarantee came under another program created by the president’s 2009 stimulus for companies developing “commercially available technologies.”

    The president also overstated past Republican support for the program, saying “all of them in the past have been supportive of this loan guarantee program.” Republicans overwhelmingly opposed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and some of them even voted against the Energy Policy Act of 2005 at a time when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress."
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    Solyndra ad claims President Barack Obama gave taxpayer money to help his campaign donors at failed solar company.

    Solyndra applied in to the DOE in 2006 with Republican support, under section 1703 as stated in your article. It was approved after review in Jan. 2009 under section 1705.
    Few Republicans supported the loan under section 1705.
    All your article states is that Obama over stated Republican support of the loan under section 1705.

    Big deal. Some things work out, some don't. Obama did nothing wrong.

    I gotta go.....
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    Excerpted from Solandra link:

    "But here’s the kicker – this private money deal, approved by the Obama administration, moved to the head of the queue in case of a default. In front of your previously invested tax dollars. In other words the private investors would get their money out first if Solyndra blew up.oney, it's yours!)

    Which Solyndra then promptly did.

    This seems very unfair to John Q. Taxpayer.

    So what’s the President’s connection? Well, in a slightly surprising move he invoked ‘executive privilege’ (a notion, by the way, without any connection to the Constitution) to block access to his cell phone records relating to the Solyndra deal – basically saying “I’m the President, so hands off!” Why would he do this? Well, the only reason to block the subpoena appears to be to not get caught even deeper in the Solyndra mess than he already was. This seems a bit suspect, but hey, maybe not that big a deal. There's no doubt that the President got some bad advice and waded neck-deep into the mess. More interesting than his cell phone records may have been an account of the verbal thrashing that he undoubtedly gave the same advisers when it all went horribly wrong.

    Oh well, if the President did have some big scandalous, possibly law-breaking secrets to hide, he won’t be the first person (or last) to hold the Office of The President and then make some mistakes…Hopefully the Government’s next investment in the ‘green’ industries will pay off better. One thing is for certain – alternative energy sources are the future, not fossil fuels."

    Yeah he did nothing wrong. How could I be so stupid to think otherwise.
  7. MeAgain

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    Did I point out that this was investigated by the Republican Congress, the FBI, the Treasury Department, the DOJ, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, and the Energy Department...starting in 2011? That's 7 years ago.
    Guess what they declared they found in 2015, after 4 years?

    Solyndra was to blame not Obama.

    So, unless you have some new information, what is the point you're making.
    Invoking executive privilege is an admission of guilt?
    Then why wasn't he removed form office?
    Evidently no one considered the request to be serious enough to pursue as Obama could have been made to hand over whatever they wanted.
    And no one thinks this "scandal" is a real scandal...except for a few......

    Shall we get back to Trump's tax plan?????
    Or continue to change the subject?
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    You accusing someone else of changing the subject?
  9. MeAgain

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    Allow me to recap....

    Stormountainman tells us the Republicans are running pro Trump tax ads in Indiana.
    Cashtwenty2 asks how much the debt was lowered by past presidents.....(as Trump's tax bill is projected to raise the debt).
    NotMyRealName (You) make disparaging remarks about Democrats and rant that Cashtwenty2 will be called a racist, etc. for asking about the debt and claiming the Democrats made a mess of everything.

    Which no one has done.

    You then asked for a link to the dollar dropping, (in reference to Trump's tax bill).
    I then provided information of the national debt....(as Trump's tax bill is projected to raise the debt).
    I provided a link.

    (Note that responses lag due to time constraints).

    You then laughed at my response about the history of the federal debt, without adding anything of substance. Fine, that doesn't bother me.
    You thanked me for the dollar link.
    I commentated on your being easily amused.

    You then went off on a tangent about Obama. We were talking about Trump's tax bill and the national debt. Cashtwenty2 did reference Obama's presidency, so I let it slide. You brought up Solyndra, a story so old it has whiskers in an attempt to what? Justify Trump's tax bill?

    Cashtwenty2 laughed at one of my posts. Apparently I'm hilarious.
    I carefully explained why Solyndra is irrelevant to Trump's tax bill by presenting facts. A fault of mine, I know.

    Stormountainman added several posts about how Obama's raising of the debt is different than what Trump's raising of the debt will be as Obama faced a national crises and Trump just wants to give a tax break to the rich.

    You laughed again at one of my posts asked for links and added a link from Factcheck, which I read.

    I supplied the links, and told you my interpretation of your link.

    You cherry picked your link and continued to beat a dead horse called Solyndra .....notice how we're getting away from Trump's tax bill?

    I replied with more facts and said we're getting off topic.
    And we are.

    If you wish to pursue Solyndra farther I suggest a separate thread.
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    You didn't chose to go back very far. Try about page 2 when it got off topic.

    But to stay on topic. If you think it's about Trump making his cronies rich, and therefore you don't like him, you're being hypocritical. Solundra was but one example of it. I could site several more. It won't matter to you. That isn't my problem.

    So on topic. It remains to be seen if it adds 1.5 T to the deficit. Just because someone says so doesn't make it so. Even you should have learned that by now. And so far I have seen no examples of poor people paying more taxes, people being put out on the streets, or rich people getting to pay less. The only ones yelling that message are the Dems. I have seen real examples of in fact people here on this board seeing tax cuts. I will have more money in my pocket as a result of the cuts coming my way.

    Now that we are on topic I'm sure you'll tell me none of this matters or I'm mistaken.

    If his cronies get rich, as long as I get some too, it will be better than the raping I've endured over the past administration. The tax cuts are just one area that has seen improvement. Yeah Trump is a dick. But that's off topic.
  11. Unomike

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    Having been an Health ins agent years ago, ACA was totally unnecessary. All that was needed was tweaking the insurance industry standards to accept the uninsurable through a government funded stand-alone policy while allowing the currently insured individual to keep his/hers individual or family policies with no rate increases. Plus, dropping the state border restriction which would allow ins companies to sell in other states. This by itself would spurn competition and lower rates. It can be done but the politicans on both sides of the isle need to get rid of their exclusive Cadillac health insurance and have what they have given us.
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  12. Meliai

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    I'm getting a smaller tax refund this year than I have in the last 4 years. I thought Donald was going to make us all rich.
  13. scratcho

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    Out on recess, are you?
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    I didn't bother to read these posts but big business is clearly getting a huge break. My husband's company has decided to give out 12 million to all of it's employees that are not executives. It works out to be about $1000 each.
  15. Noserider

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    All I know is, my first paycheck of the calendar year was about $200 more than the last one of my previous year. I've been the lowest paid amongst my peers (all of whom are male, but that's a different discussion) for almost two years, and now I'm making the same amount. My boss said he could afford to give me raise all of a sudden.

    I'm not necessarily attributing that to Trump, but there you go.
  16. MeAgain

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    Corporate tax relief = more money to shareholders (at the expense of those not holding stock), huge raises for CEOs, stock buy backs, $1.4 trillion addition to the national deb, the end of tax breaks for the middle class by 2027, and $1 billion dollars to president Trump = 0.8 percentage points growth over ten years! so you can figure out the rest.....can you?

    You are assuming all of your taxes go to welfare recipients, not true, only 6% of federal taxes go to the needy, 57% to the military. (1% for food stamps AND agriculture)
    You feel your relatives need more toys for Christmas while other children go hungry. (At least 21% of all children in the U.S.)

    BTW entitlements are benefits that recipients have already contracted for...that's why they're called entitlements.
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  17. MeAgain

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    That's the extent of your reply?

    Nothing to back up your claim?
    Why not post some more silly currency?
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    You dont understand how social security and Medicare work?

    Those are entitlement programs. If you check your pay stubs you will see that you have been paying into them your whole working life.

    And before you say it, no you do not get social security benefits if you have not worked so no you are not paying for lazy people, you are paying for yourself.
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