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    get woke
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    No mulling for me!
  3. 6-eyed shaman

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    It’s funny when leftists use woke as an adjective. They sound so stupid. It is a verb.
  4. 6-eyed shaman

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    As much as Pelosi tried to bolster Biden’s campaign, and hinder and thwart the campaigns of sitting senators with the impeachment trials. Biden has failed in NH and IA.

    Just another one of Pelosi’s tactical failings as a politician. She’s inept
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  5. Okiefreak

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    Just another one of your bogus conspiracy theories.
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  6. Orison

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    Booty Booty...
    Get some Booty in the whitehouse ...
  7. onceburned

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    biden is done, needs to go back to the rest home. Pelosi is not only inept, she looks drunk on her ass most of the time. and I'm not a demonrat so I must be a lying dog faced pony soldier :) :) :)
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    If the cap fits ..........
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    Got that right! :) :) :)
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    Little red hat people...
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  13. What's a big deal? What Russian scandal?

    Why would the leader leader of the free world take orders from the leader of a 2 bit, 2nd world country that can't even pay its own government workers. It's been over 3 years now, to what end?

    Besides indulge the conspiracy theories of a few nutcases on a purple internet forum?
  14. The good people of Iowa and New Hampshire have
  15. Flagme15

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  16. a confused old man who he mistook as a legit political opponent
    his own personal political gain

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    Trump? Involved in any kind of conspiracy? No, of course not, he's above reproach.
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  18. onceburned

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    he's still looking...……...

  19. But what just happened?

    Biden was leading the polls before Iowa.

    How did his campaign go so south so quickly?

    I don't believe for a second it's just on his performances in the debates.

    Yet another example where the media and the polls got it so wrong

    There seems to be three main types of dem supporters; those behind the old school entrenched Dems that Biden, Hillary, Pelosi represent with sizeable personal fortunes, ones who in response to Trump have shifted too far left - Bernie Supporters, and ones who want fresh blood Butter geek and Yang

    Yang is history, Warren and Biden pretty much are now

    Add to that you have a dem controlled house up to the election, reps won't be able to get any bills through, which also means no controversy. Things go quiet on the Trump admin front

    Even you are saying now, he "mistook" as his main political opponent
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