trippin balls on shroom chocolate

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Brightness_08, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Ok, so one time I was in san fransisco with this guy I was dating at the time, let's call him rob. So rob and I are just wanderin around and at one point he disapears for a while. He comes back with a piece of shroom chocolate, and he cuts off a piece for me to try. It was a small piece so I didn't expect to be trippin balls. Boy I was wrong.

    After ingesting the chocolate, him and I were smoking bowls with some hobo. 30 minutes later, when I'm exhaling a hit, I swear to god I saw a human figure in the weed smoke. This is when I knew I was trippin. Later on I stood outside of the gazebo we were chillin at. I held my hands in the air, looked up, and said "can you guys not see this? Its raining!" They looked amused and rob told me it wasn't raining, I was just trippin. However I was still convinced and continued to look at the sky. Then I decided to sit down. I approached a bench and I had to feel the whole seat with my hands because it looked like it was covered in water. I sat down and saw weird colors in the sky.

    Later on we walked under this bridge where a lot of the hobos were hanging out, and I got all hyper, I randomly talked to people and kept shouting "I'm TRIPPING BALLS!" When it started raining, rob was like "hey look, it actually is raining now." I said "it looks like fallen angel hair." He said "wow you really are tripping."

    It began to get dark and rob and I walked down the sidewalk. As I was walking, I was getting tunnel vision, like I was going through some kind of portal. I kept saying "oh my god, I'm trippin, oh my god..." but in a calm mellow tone.

    I don't remember much else of that night but it was a great experience. I felt like I appreciated life more and the world became a new place of exploration. I felt like the soul of a child going on an adventure for the first time. Ill never forget this experience, and I'm considering sharing it with erowid once I fix the spelling and grammatical errors. Anyways, thanks for reading andhappy trippin:)
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    I forgot to mention, the ground outside the gazebo..I kept seeing weird trippy colorful words on it. Iy was hard to make out most of the words but I did read "cool" and "good" lol.
  3. sounds like good ole times in the city! i love chocolates. have a bunch my girl made in the freezer right now! might eat one tonight. 3g in each smiley faced bar.

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