Triple Drop

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by unorthodox, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Last saturday i had a party and this guy called Big John came late. At this point everyone was already on at least 3 so he thought i'll catch up with everyone and triple dropped them. All night he was sweatin rivers, talkin loads of jibberish and had to stand outside most of the nite lol. Heres how a convo went between him and my mate when they where sittin on the couch.
    Big John Dont worry if theres any fights we'll all stand up for you but if i jump out the window just now i'll probably land on my feet.
    Big John: Im gonna go outside and see my mate
    Colin:Theyr in pauls room.
    Big John: Yeah i know im just gonna take this glass and go into the door.

    He then went outside after openin and closin the door several times lol.
    what a night.
  2. interval_illusion

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    my husband (bf at the time) shoved 4 pills up our asses at once one time cause that's all we had and we wanted to roll. hehe.
  3. sag aloo

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    triple drop - coool! we always double drop but I recent tripled & wooo wooo

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