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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Raiyo, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    Sup,~ I'm heading to Ams next weekend with my mates for a birthday. I've got a few questions.

    Are there still coffee shops selling marijuana? I've heard something about the government getting rid.

    Are shrooms still legal or what?

    Any recommendations on things to do?

    Any recommendations on hotels?

  2. indefensible

    indefensible Member

    Why plan a trip without researching first?

    If weed was illegal would you still go?

    If shrooms were illegal would you still go?

    If the answer is yes, then you really aren't a pothead, lol, but yes, induldge in all the weeds ya want. Shrooms are still finicky, but generally still accepted.

    Search the forum first...or read a book.
  3. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    Cus thats how I roll



    Thanks for the info
  4. indefensible

    indefensible Member

    btw mate...happy birthday!!!...when it comes :)
  5. F Z

    F Z Member

    1. Yes, there are still over 150 coffeeshops still open and runnin. As of now 45(aprox) CS's must close due to being too close to schools.
    2. No. You can no longer buy shrooms in Ams.
    3. Smoke, walk around, window shop, get laid, eat, visit the zoo, go to one of the many fine museums, take a bout tour, take a day trip to other towns, Tons to do, just don't have a whitey and you'll never run outta things to do and see.
    4. What's your budget? How much can you afford a night?
  6. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    It's not my birthday Indefensive but thanks anyway :)

    Cheers for the info F Z, budget would be upto 70 GBP per night - but we're after a place that allows smoking in the rooms.

    There's 6 of us lads going over, so we're aiming to be wasted atleast 50% of the time over there!
  7. F Z

    F Z Member

    OK....Thats 79.50E/night......Not nearly enough my friend. Even a hostel is 20E a night per person, which would be 120E / night!!!!

    I would say try looking for a apt but they even charge per person over a certain amount of people.

    Now if U had 70 GBP (477E) / night per person you guys would be set!!!!!!

    I can't see 79.50 a night going over anywhere.

    Sorry for the bad news
  8. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    Hi F Z,

    I actually meant 70GBP per single person/night - sorry for the misunderstanding - most of us are actually pretty loaded with cash but we're not looking to spend over 70 GBP each per night.

    I've had a look on British Airways website but it looks like most of the hotels are fully booked.

    Thanks v much for the responses.
  9. F Z

    F Z Member

    ok that's much better!!!!!!

    Now 2 things I need to know..............

    What dates are you going? I figured 2/6 - 2/8 correct?


    Does anyone in the group have a credit card or visa/mc debit card?

    The only things that will mess this up now is such a short time to get a place to stay and the size of your group.

    you might have to get 2 or 3 hotel rooms or 1 or 2 apartments. Most apt's only can sleep 4 max. We'll figure it out.
  10. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    Cheers for the help F Z - We've booked at

    Going the day after tomorrow, can't wait! any recommendations on decent coffee shops? ones to steer clear of? etc
  11. indefensible

    indefensible Member

    You must be very xcited. Takes LOTS of pictures, don't lose anything, and let us know how it went.

    Bundle up, also :)
  12. F Z

    F Z Member

    My favorites are The Green Place, The Grey Area, & Tweede Kamer(Dampkring jr. lol). I used to love Amnesia but I haven't been since Barneys took over.

    Stay aways: B U L L D O G !!!!!!, Bushdoctor, & Smokey's. There are plenty more but it all depends on your taste and what you are into.

    Have fun...I envy ya!!!!
  13. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    Barney didnt take over Amnesia CS! more like they was dating or still are!
    The grey area is the most over rated place in amerdam and over-price STUFF and only think about $$$ and not about the customers just like Barneys and others! i
    if you walks in a CS and the BUDTENDER is RUDE or SEEM NOT TO GIVE A F**k or DONT wanna HELP you wit INFO you want about their smoke!! = youll be getting RIPOFF! Barney is one BUSHDOCTOR and other one.BULLDOGS only good thing about the place are the DORMS besides that DO NOT BUY WEED HASH! 2kamer is small place wit RUDE ppl BUT they sell the same them DAMPKRINGS 1-2 !!
  14. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    Yeah man can't wait, I'll be sure to report back and let you know how it goes :cool:

    Cheers F Z I'm sure we will have fun, I guess even the shittest weed available there will be alot better than the crap I've had here.

    Thanks for the input Onebraincell - I think I'm gonna have to take a visit to Grey Area though as I've heard alot of good stuff :)
  15. Shiny J

    Shiny J Member

    I've got to disagree with the judgement of the Bulldog. I have been to the Dam at least 25 times for weekends and longer; the one time I've been in the Bulldog (to catch an English football game) was a very pleasant experience. The bar staff were more pleasant than most in Amsterdam and smoking weed was positively encouraged in the expansive drinking areas. I sat at one of the bars with a few friends and had a very enjoyable evening being served cold beer, watching the footie and smoking lots of weed.

    I agree that The Grey Area is perhaps over-rated, nothing too special to report but I've actually found the service to be friendly at least. Tweede Kamer (and therefore Dampkring) have the best hash imho but it's difficult to find a comfortable spot in either. The Rokerij on Leidsestraat can be hit and miss but when it's not busy it's a nice spot with the usual surly dealer but nice and quite attractive bar staff - not a bad way to spend a dull afternoon.

    Go to Vondelpark, bring joints and watch out for the bikes. Find somewhere safe to sit for a while.

    Get in a boat somehow. The canals are worth taking a bit of time to explore.
  16. F Z

    F Z Member

    I usualy dont do this however, I think a repost is in order.

    The owner of barneys and the owner of Amnesia from what I have heard have married, hense the makeover that Amnesia has just recieved. I cannot comment on weather or not Amnesia has adopted Barney's "Show me the money" attitude, I can only hope that sis has kept her own providers and prices.

    Barneys is one I did not mention, low to average gear at top notch prices. This monster seems to be expanding as fast as Dampkring.

    Grey Area is not over rated they are just very popular, gee I wonder why?
    Usualy a reputation is built by selling top notch goods at decent prices and taking care of your customers. This is exactly what Grey Area does!!!
    I consider ths shop to be the best scoop and run shop in Holland period.
    Jon the owner is an American (from my homestate no less) and a real nice guy, hell from what I have seen and experienced he gives away almost as much as he sells, I cannot see Jon being rude to anyone. If you don't believe me about their gear Do yourself 1 favor walk in and purchase a gm of LA confidential or Martian mean green and a gm of Grey Mist Crystals, smoke it up, and try with a straight face to tell me that it isnt some of the best AMS has to offer. Oh BTW if they have it grab a GM of Golden Soles you won't be sorry. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    Bulldog: Crap weed at high prices. Tourist trap!!!!! However!!! This place is a great place to bring your own weed and hang out.

    Tweede Kamer: The people here are not rude at all, this shop has been homebase for most of my trips, thanks to the superb Hash, AK-47, and NYCD they sell. However this is a real small place just like Grey Area. If you get there early grab a seat it's a nice place to kill an hour or 2.
  17. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    Hey guys,

    Got back from Ams today :) was a blast, I really do love the chilled vibe it seems to have.

    I stopped by a Bulldog coffee shop just to see for myself and I found it to be uncomfortable with shit weed. My favorite coffee shop has got to be Kadinsky though, the weed was amazing, staff were really friendly and the place had a nice atmosphere.

    I have a small question though...

    I was high for atleast 80% of the entire trip, now I haven't smoked today but I'm feeling really odd. It doesn't feel like I'm focused back into reality yet, objects don't really look real, everything just 'feels' grey and I'm finding interaction is pretty confusing at times, haha. Does anybody know how long this feeling is going to last?

  18. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    Museumpleins an other place to sit and smoke joint a nice day player foot wit some local just be carefull of kid and cops either there or vondel park!

    Raiyo you got the DAM bleus ;) no its your body trying to get back to normal take a few days by week 3 you should be on your way back to dam :p « litle DAM joke! they said week 1 you still dreaming of your trip week 2 you start freaking out and start planing your next trip by week 3 you siad f*** it and leave for a amsterdam!
  19. Raiyo

    Raiyo Member

    Haha OneBrainCell thanks for the reply, yeah I'm feeling alot better today. Oh man thinking back on the trip it was pretty amazing, on the last night we decided to put 1/2 ounce of ak-47 into a MASSIVE joint as we wouldn't have time to smoke in the morning. We were all pretty fucked up smoking it in our hotel room and then the phone rang, nobody had the balls to answer it(the hotel we stayed in doesn't allow weed). Next thing we know the hotel receptionist charges into our smoked up room and screams 'OH MY GAAAD' as he trys to woft the smoke away with his hands, the look on his face when he saw us with a 12" spliff, LOL. He then goes completely mental at us saying we would be fined etc. meanwhile we are all just pissing ourself in laughter because we were so high.

    Does anybody know if there are any places similar to amsterdam - for a long crazy weekend?

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