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Discussion in 'The Media' started by skycanvas, Jul 17, 2013.

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    From OJ to the Zimmerman trial or the latest disgusting cameo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone, American Media shows itself increasingly tasteless & disgusting. They and their fans have a sick fascination: an addiction for the sugary mixture of blood & fame with the sensational draw of a sold-out freak show.

    There may have been a different outcome of the trial of Casey Anthony had the camera not showed her Oscar-winning portrayal of innocence resulting in a verdict that even shocked the trial's Own Judge. He later commented that he nearly choked on reading the jury's final finding, so that he had to read it twice to make certain of what he was really seeing.

    If you believe a 'jury of your peers' is not affected & skewed in judgement by being in or near the limelight & tinged shadow of the TV Camera; or thinking in terms of future book deals, interviews & latent fame, think again.

    Court TV ought to be banned in this country as an obvious interference to a fair trial by jury. There is a difference between individual free speech & politicking on the part of liberal or conservative multi-conglomerate media outlets who subtly formulate opinions by tinkering with the psyche of the masses.

    Mass manipulation, albeit nebulous, bears a striking & terrifying resemblance to the activities of Goebbals, the Nazi propaganda mastermind behind Hitler; who swayed the opinions of the German people in the Führer's favor.

    Seeing that all US News outlets are in the hands of very few individuals (around a dozen) who have merged hundreds of subsidiaries under their masterful umbrellas, it is naive to think that the Media itself is nothing else but a tool in their hands to achieve their own gains as the World Thought Police of Orwellian notions. But that's Corporate Personhood for you.

    Or maybe it's just a sport & the mega-rich media moguls enjoy playing with our heads. After all, if you own most of everything, what entertainment is really left to you, but playing chess with peoples' lives?
  2. "Seeing that all US News outlets are in the hands of very few individuals (around a dozen) who have merged hundreds of subsidiaries under their masterful umbrellas, it is naive to think that the Media itself is nothing else but a tool in their hands to achieve their own gains as the World Thought Police of Orwellian notions."

    It's six major corporations that own all the media and much of everything else.

    and yes.. you're right in your posting.
    this particular Zimmerman/martin circus I've been calling Operation Distract and Divide... distract from something serious that is currently going on behind the scenes that they don't want covered (no, I do not know what but I know it's there...) and divide to push a political agenda, incite a possible race war and just create chaos and hate.
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    The motto-"if it bleeds ,it leads", is proven to be true on any given night with any given station. That type of behaviour has shown to draw more people to view commercials--from where they get their money. The money. Bottom line-it's always the money. Don't expect much consideration from any of them concerning the damage they do to society in the way they've corrupted television and other media. They move from one tragedy to the next to take advantage of the bad things that happen to "someone else" and count on our fascination with them.
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    It's the same in other parts of the world too. The media is getting hijacked for private and political interests and the quality of journalism is steadily falling. Independent press is becoming a myth.
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    Hmmm... A good old fashioned Race War on the closed circuit tele would be great weekend entertainment for rich people to watch together when they meet on a mall-sized yacht in International waters, drinking hundred year-old Scotch & smoking fat Cubans. They could place bets on who wins...

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    Featuring Information You Need to Know Before you CONSENT...


    Well, it is obvious that through the years the media has had it's share of critics. The thing that has become more troubling over time is that the media now is controlled by a smaller number of hands. The chart above attests to that, and so does this chart. The people who ultimately have control over what we see and hear have become very powerful because what we see and hear ultimately shapes our views of the world, both locally and globally.

    In the US that equates to people like:

    Vivendi/Universal - Jean-Bernard Levy
    AOL/Time/Warner - Jeffrey Bewkes
    Disney - Bob Iger
    Viacom - Sumner Redstone
    News Corporation - Rupert Murdoch

    The extent that these people "own the media" have led some critics to make comments like this:
    The mainstream media is completely co-opted by its corporate ownership, unwilling to report the news, check the facts, and simply tell the truth. The only way for Americans to know what's really going on is to access the European press, or the independent press, or to spend a lot of time reading trustworthy weblogs. Your average American doesn't have time in the day to do that kind of research. So it's taken five years for average Americans to notice the horse manure than now covers the country.


    (Ed: 20 year timeline ends in '04, but still indicative of current state of affairs)
  7. I saw the same thing .. the same list with Viacom and all but it included one more to include Comcast as one of them...
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    Yeah, this graph I noted as dated. (But there are some current more timely blogs on the site links) I've gotten search results that break it down different ways to where you either get 6, or 13 or like 24 or something beyond 20. Subsidiaries, umbrella companies, mergers, etc., over time: It's a real life shell game, isn't it?

    I guess one factor is when it says that 6 of them control 90%, which might be how I got the greater number to begin with. I couldn't seem to find that article I blogged not too long ago that broke it down to 13, which is why I was going there from memory, but it stuck in my mind & I've since misplaced it. (There are 10% smaller companies unaccounted for so maybe that's the figure for 100%). I am going with the 6, but it's clearly just 90%. It still outlines the fact there are precious little candid opinions. Yet there are a maybe that many more in that 10% slice which more than doubles it. Woah! —that makes it seem like there is FREEDOM for those who choose not to listen to the mainstream. Ahh, the 90% drown out every other Media voice & people have to be looking awfully hard & be pretty savvy to see the difference.

    But it amounts to the same thing. There are so few players at most, those piddly numbers hardly matter since you can hold the array of opinions they deal us in your two hands. So-called News is tightly opinionated & fastidiously controlled as to how the Media & Government wants to control us & which way they want the snake to slither. Maybe by aspect & viewpoint the number is ambient to keep people guessing. If you just look at your favorite subsidiary fount of information & don't look way up the ladder, it's almost unthinkable to believe your facts are being interpreted by only a half dozen or a dozen people.

    The point is there are so few, it's ridiculous. I suppose like all polls it depends on who takes them & what they are trying to prove. And in a sense Giggle or Yoohoo or Bong are all paid just like the record companies are paid to sell spots on the charts, —to play & promote certain songs. If you don't pay for Gargoyle Ad Words, your site slides down in free fall which is genuine crap.

    But where people get their information is the grain of sand they form their opinions around & determines thoughts. Spooky! :argue:

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