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    Please help me out here with a strange dream.

    I dreamt I was invited to an art exhibition ( I sometimes go there) and therefore dressed up (I was wearing an obi, a festive cloth worn by Japanese women on special occasions). The whole time during my dream I felt as I was travestating in women's clothing. Yet I thought I was wearing very feminine clothes and I'm a woman so why am I thinking of being a travestite in women's clothing?! After a while my mind suddenly knew that what I meant was not just the clothing but was meant on a deeper level. My skin itself, my body is what is travested. My female body is what is wrong, travested. And i felt at peace at what seemed so natural and why it took me so long to find the solution. Then i woke up.

    And I feel a bit strange. That dream is hell of messed up!!

    Thanks for any advice of the meaning since in dreams most is symbolic I've been said.
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    Hi, here is a few thoughts on your post.

    I thought the dream's meaning is what you make of it. Dream symbols are not fixed, and each dreamer has their own symbols. To understand, just be as creative as you are in your dream.

    It's like the dream helps you to come to peace within yourself just in a new way, and be aware of some fears and feelings of being alienated, or turned upside down.

    Imagine you create it all like a joyful play where the conflict, and the mess is just part of. But to know who you truly are, you go deeper and beyond.

    Who are you ?

    Thank you for sharing.

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