Discussion in 'Spanish' started by brett.c, May 23, 2007.

  1. brett.c

    brett.c Member

    Please could someone translate:

    hola amigo ke tal todo yo voy para lanzarote en septiembre haber si nos vems un saludo espero ke estes bien zeben


  2. Talita

    Talita Member

    Hi friend,
    How do u do? /How is everything? I'm going to Lanzarote in september. Hope to see u. Greetings. Hope u're ok.
  3. brett.c

    brett.c Member


    please could someone translate this into spanish for me?

    Hi Zeben

    How are you mate ?

    I have joined the Police and am loving it !

    I will not be in Lanzarote this september - when are you coming to England?

    I might be coming to Lanzarote next year - it would be nice to meet up, maybe go for a beer?

    Take care



  4. Maletago

    Maletago Member

    Hola Zeben,
    como estás amigo?
    Me uní a la polícia y me encanta.
    No estaré en Lanzarote en septiembre. Cuando vienes a Inglaterra?
    Probablemente vaya a Lanzarote el próximo año. Estaría padre/genial que nos vieramos, tal vez una cerveza?


  5. brett.c

    brett.c Member


    Please can someone translate this for me?

    bien y tu ke tal???
    ya voy para lanzarote
    en septiembre
    un saludo

    also what does "estif" mean?

    Thanks very much

  6. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    fine, what about you?
    i'm going to lanzarote this september. cheers.

    estif? i didn't heard this word before, so my spanish pals would help you more than me :)
  7. brett.c

    brett.c Member


    please can someone translate this for me ??

    hola may frien ahora vivo en malaga jeje un pokito mas lejos y tu ke tal estas y tu familia ?? espero ke bien y ke pronto nos veamos de nuevo un abrazo

  8. Picas Dixon

    Picas Dixon Member

    hi (never heard of may and frien before :S) now i go to malaga (dunno what jeje or pokito is) further and will you be there with your family? i hope you are well and that we see eachother soon and give you a new hug?

    i think you need to look up spellings, there isn't a spanish word "ke", i think you mean que. That sentence made no sense literally so i tried to guess what you were trying to say.

    hope this helps :)
  9. Picas Dixon

    Picas Dixon Member

    i think you meant to say
    "hola mi amigo" instead of "hola may frein" not sure though, which in that case would be hello my friend
  10. Picas Dixon

    Picas Dixon Member

    thinking on it, by pokito mas lejos i think you mean
    "it's a little further"
  11. nakedtreehugger

    nakedtreehugger craaaaaazy

    hello, "my friend" (i think he was trying to say my friend, just didn't spell it right?). now i'm living in Malaga (jeje - not sure what this is?) it's a little bit farther. and you, how are you and your family? I hope you are well and that soon we will see each other again. a hug (or more like a brotherly what's up kinda slap on the back thingy)....
  12. Picas Dixon

    Picas Dixon Member

    well i was almost there... :p i'm not that good at spanish yet thanks for your help nakedtreehugger :)
  13. nakedtreehugger

    nakedtreehugger craaaaaazy

    no problem.
  14. emelia

    emelia the resident gangsta

    jeje means hehe. Different pronounciations :D

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