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    I have always had this itching in my head and trying to think about it. I know men i mean straight men including me get turned on by transgendered people well for me atleast if they look femine enough :) only. Men are attracted to women through apearance by a big margin.. then other factors kick in like intelligence, character etc etc

    1. So could this be assumed for the Lesbians who pretend to act like the man in a relationship ?

    2. Also as a lesbian would you prefer a transgendered (who looks very femine) instead of a lesbian girl as a transgender most likely will have a functional P*n*s ? instead of a lesbian girl would have to use a D**do ?

    3. Or is it that lesbians would like other normal females who are lesbians and will be attracted to the V*g*na ? as a man seeing a womans v*g*na is an instant stimulator. So is it the same for lesbians when they see a V*g*na is an instant stimulator compared to lets says seeing a trnasgender's p*n*s would be a turn off ?

    please i would like to get reponses from Lesbians. its fascinating thanks to the internet and forums im now in a position to get my mystery solved !


    waiting for ur reponces ;)
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    I don't get your first question. You're saying that if a lesbian acts like "the man" in a relationship her girlfriend will be attracted to her because she's... "the man"? Or because she's dominant? Well, depends on the person... Which really brings me to my conclusion where I wrap up all your questions and answer them by saying:

    Everyone is different. Sexuality is really fluid. It would ultimately depend on the person in question. For example, Lesbian porn does nothing for me. Straight porn does for some reason. But irl I can't see myself with a man. It's just one of those things.

    I really don't think you can find one true and only solution to your mystery! :)

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    If You Want The Replies Restricted To Lesbians, Why

    Didn't You Create This Thread In The Lesbian Forum...:confused:

    Cheers Glen.
  4. I'm glad you put the asterisks in otherwise I would have needed therapy
  5. galacticsile

    galacticsile Guest

    thanks for ur response

    what about the transgenred part ? u havent shed any light on that ?
  6. galacticsile

    galacticsile Guest

    u can answer it as a gay man lol sorry i was confused... i thought was posting in lesbian forum.. will re post there
  7. Beca012

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    Well. You're talking about a transgender with a p*n*s so.. I think most lesbians would say no to that and pick the lesbian girl wearing a strap-on because a p*n*s is a male genital. Lesbians likes v*g*nas. Haha! So blunt.

    Of course there are exceptions everywhere! It's not all black and white. ;)

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