Transcend The Illusion

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by MistyMountainTop, Aug 22, 2005.

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    Transcend this illusion,

    To it I'm now tied,

    Open the golden doors,

    And step inside the tide,

    To live and be free,

    I've tried and I've tried,

    Open the doors,

    There is no place to hide,

    I want to live like a hermit,

    And grow like a tree,

    He that doesn't see change,

    Does not see,

    And those that change nothing,

    Pay an eternal fee,

    For caging and shooting the willing and free,

    Everyone and everything and has just begun,

    It was man that created the cage and the gun,

    To the sky we are stars, and to the earth daughters and sons,

    Forgetting that one is all, and all is one,

    The beach is a place with waters so clear,

    The earth and the algae and the dolphins are near,

    It's a shame that dolphins die so Tuna can be canned,

    Man should live more like dolphins and less like a man,

    And all this talk of freedom, into the sky it has rissen,

    Your body cannot move if your soul is in prison,

    And the sceientists talk of fusion and fision,

    But the real answer is under the sea hidden

  2. Lainey

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    i adore this poem
  3. EmbraceInnerPeaches

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    This poem runs deeply into my soul. its beautiful
  4. tommyboy487

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    a couple parts dont flow perfectly...

    but wow i dont say this often.... thats a great poem:)

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