Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by DejaVoo, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. DejaVoo

    DejaVoo stardust

    Man, isnt it 'illegal' for gals to just walk down town or to the beach topless? like the U.S? i think if guys can take their shirts off anytime they want, us girls should be able. so what weve got boobs....people over sexualize them.

    u know what would be cool ? an all women, (i doubt it will be all women, guys will be following us) but all women topless protest march!!!!!
  2. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    i can almost see the topless female protest marhcing down the street now. freedom.
  3. Some places in Ontario it is legal for women to walk around topless. It was passed a few years back. I've only seen a couple of topless women since. They made a big fuss about it and when they it was legel they still walked around with shirts on.

  4. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    yea women should be able to go around topless, clothes suck
  5. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    I support legalizing women going topless with 110% of my being....hell, I'll even support them going bottomless!

    Seriously though, aside from the functionality of clothing keeping us warm...I don't get the big damn deal. They can look real cool in a 'fashion' way, sure, but why so damn necessary? Just like with "curse" words...if everyone would just stop saying "Naked people are BAD!" then naked people would not be bad anymore.

    Ah well.
  6. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    Naked people are only bad because society says they are, if they didnt say they were then they wouldnt be. So the only thing keeping women from going topfree is some outdated societal norm.
  7. yeah let the natural beauty flow, if i was a women and if i lived in the US i would join, but yeah props keep this idea alive.
  8. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    I go top free at festivals anbd beaches all the time.. not wondering around town i dont know what the laws are on it in england but ive NEVER seen a topless womanoutside beaches and festivals and even thats rare. Heck women get frowned upon for breastfeeding in public... grrrr i wanna slap people who look down upon that its such a beautiful site.
  9. i go topless at concerts, festivals, europe, women go topless all the time, no one makes a big deal about it.. and they're right, they shouldn't! breasts are perfectly natural, it's how we were born, what God gave us, every women has them, it's not like it's something new to us... it's stupid in the U.S how they're all like EWWW BOOBIES IN PUBLIC! LETS MAKE A HUGE DEAL ABOUT IT!! even breastfeeding! they make a big deal! i dunno why, i think it's beautiful.
  10. Inavacuum

    Inavacuum Senior Member

    I think its so men wont have to deal with having an erection all the time. I guess eventualy We'd get used to it and then boobs wouldnt be special at all and that would take away the whole point of boobs relally. I'm not sure it just sounds like a bad idea to de-horny-alize boobs. Think about it, when u were a little boy didt you just get so excited if u saw a boob just a boob. It was just like the awsomest thing ever. I think women walkig aorund topless would be cool yet un bob-ify boobs. They'd jsut be like common everyday things instead of like omg you lemme see her boob man.
  11. DejaVoo

    DejaVoo stardust

    well vacuum...i know what u mean its like anything thats 'unknown' and hidden is gonna make someone wanna see it more, right? well hey guys walk around topless if u will..and thats not fair 2 us girls, guys chest are not all they lost their 'hotness' ...well theyre still hot but i mean there not like "omg he flashed us his chest!" i mean it is fun 2 leave some thangs 2 i dont knw..its a confusing issue, id say!
  12. DejaVoo

    DejaVoo stardust

    oh thats not fair..i wanna go 2 england..or they shud make america more like england!!
  13. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    Porn and alot of fashion would lose its power over men if breasts were not such a secret and were not held in such high reguard, because people hide them that just raises men's curiousity and makes them want to see them even more. Once men see them and get their needs satisified then many would become bored with the sight quickly and move on to more practical things.
  14. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    alll the more to stop this obseessive taboo over their existance. :)

  15. Alixney

    Alixney Member

    I think it's pretty simple...if guys can walk around without a shirt, so should women. The problem is that (in the US) this country so overly puritannical and sexually immature that men turn into Beavis and Butthead and stare, oogle, then do something stupid (generally speaking). They screw it up for everyone. There's really no good reason why a woman should be restricted from being topless from anyplace a man can be topless.
  16. DejaVoo

    DejaVoo stardust

    Yup i agree with alixney!!!
  17. if some of you girls are afraid i will go topless with you and show the man whats up
  18. Alixney

    Alixney Member

    Right on, DejaVoo! Although, I do think that women can wear g-strings fine, but hairy guys should be outlawed from such. There are so many more important things to worry about then a topless girl on a beach.
  19. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    I had posted this in another topless thread last June.

    Hey it used to be illegal for men too. In 1935, 42 men were prosecuted for wearing a swimsuit without a top (oh no they went topless)in Atlantic City,NJ. In 1939 men were given the legal right to go topless. Maybe if women gathered in Washington D.C. topless, then in 4 years we can get the law changed for us too.
  20. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    The first time I went to a nude beach, i worried that seeing naked women would give me a hard on, but it didn't. I don't know about you, but if I saw boobs every day for the rest of my life, I would never get tired of them.
    You can't de hornylize boobs for me, but I can also see naked women and not automatically think about sex. Nudity does not equal sex.

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