Took my first trip last night...

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by borntoplease, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. borntoplease

    borntoplease Member

    okay... forgive me. but. acid and LSD... synonymous? i took acid last night from a friend of mine that i trusted. i just don't have anything to compare it to. i had been drinking before, but not heavily. i ate it about 2:45 am. just one hit. i'd never done it before and wanted to ease into it. it took about an hour to set it. nothing ever got crazy... i felt different. i get high everyday but this wasn't that same feeling. no visuals, no body "high", i just listened to music. i did have some pretty intense emotions about a my ex girlfriend i broke up with a week before. we' been together 3 years, and i saw things VERY differently. it was this intense feeling of... well, i don't really know. it was just different. i saw things differently, actually felt horrible about the way i treated her. when i got back to the other side i knew i would never treat anyone with such a lack of respect again. i think it had an impact on me. anyway. turned out i couldn't sleep. only slept a few hours the night before so i thought i would just pass out. but i couldn't. i didn't fall asleep until noon and then woke up again around 3. cant fall back asleep now. normal? i just think i am kinda excited too about my first experience with acid, and that kept my mind going and still is.

    so. the acid was on a sugar cube. the cube had no real taste beside the sugar. i have no idea the dose, but like i said, i took one hit. i want to wait a while and then try it again, but this time i want to try and achieve the more classic visuals and a little more "enlightenment", if you will. so... how many hits should i take?

    okay... sorry to make this so long. i would love any feedback from some veterans. thanks... and i'll be seeing more of you guys...

  2. CadenceKid

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    wait about a month and try three or four cubes. see if you can get it in blotter form because those cubes could of contained rc's or something else.
  3. borntoplease

    borntoplease Member

    whats rc? and blotter? whats that mean? why a month? is a couple days not okay... wow that was a lot of questions in a row.
  4. sorry cadence but theres plenty of RC's (research chemical) that can fit onto blotters (blotter paper squares, big as a fingernail)
  5. resistance goes away after about 3-4 days, research chemicals are kind of "new' chems that are getting passed off as lsd more and more these days, some are still legal and are obtained from websites usually. some RC's can fit on blotter eg DOB which you only need like 1mgs - 2mgs. theres a whole sub-forum on this psychedelics area that is about rc's so you can probably learn more there, or
  6. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i would say wait until you are happy with things. after breaking up with your girlfriend of 3 years you were probably a little down...not the best time to experiment with lsd. wait awhile and do it with some close, trusted friends. like they say, it's all about set and setting. do some research on the drug.

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