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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by deeper, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. deeper

    deeper Member

    Guys, can you please be honest here and answer this.

    Would you dump a girl because you felt insecure about her getting too much attention from other men? Would any of you be a little nervous with a woman like this? Please be honest.

    I know a woman who was dumped and only for that reason.
  2. fexurbis

    fexurbis Member

    I woudn't dump her, no. What I'll admit to though, is avoiding attention-getters. For one, they bore me. But also, a woman can be absolutely gorgeous and not draw that much attention. It depends on how she carries herself.

    So...Make sure your friend got dumped because of her looks, as opposed to her flaunting it.
  3. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    I once dated a woman who was so strikingly beautiful that I literally had to fight guys off her when we went to a party. I ultimately let her go...

    My current girlfriend is also movie star beautiful, but we are committed to each other, and she blows off the guys who hit on her. She is a master at this.
  4. deeper

    deeper Member

    Hey, thx for replies... you have to understand that she is not at all vain. She is a vibrant, fun-loving girl who talks to everyone - friendly and sociable. She does not even seem to interpret the guys interest as them coming on to her. For her to ignore people (or guys) would just be "unher" she wouldn't be that person we all love. He could have and should have trusted her.
  5. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    my girlfriend is also movie star gorgeous (really!), and in fact pretty much all of them have been above-average attractive by usual standards. that was (more?) than half the reason I wanted to be with them in the first place, so I can't understand the impulse to do something like that. breaking up with someone over that either reveals a huge inferiority complex, or some kind of insane jealousy, both of which are pointless.
  6. Musikero

    Musikero Supporters HipForums Supporter

    I wouldn't dump a really attractive girl just because she was getting a lot of attention from other men, although I'd be a bit uneasy if we were going out and a lot of guys were ogling her and/or trying to chat her up.
  7. Dees72

    Dees72 Member

    I would say that is more of the issue, not her looks. You are her friend so you see this as a positive quality. But when you are dating that person it could eat you up. She can be friendly and act like she is taken and most guys will pick up on that but if she is really friendly and acts single then there is a problem. You shouldnt act the same to everyone else as you do your partner you need to show them they are not like everyone else, that they are special to you and if she wasn't doing this he prob. felt like he never ment much to her!

    Its alot like the people who say a guy and girl can be friends and you should except that if you love them. Its BS because it all depends on how they interact as friends as compared to how they act with their partner. It is very specific to each person and how they act. Maybe he wants someone that treats him like he is the only guy that matters in the world and doesnt respond to attention from other guys. Thats what he looks for in a girl and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Basicly there is the smile and "hi" when a person says hi to you and then there is the SMILE and "HI!". There should be a difference when the other person is your partner as opposed to just a friend or a person that they work with.
  8. audiovisions

    audiovisions Member

    I had a very attractive girlfriend for about a year or so, she had a very bubbly and outgoing personality, which was great for me, but when we would go out there were constantly guys trying to steal her away, mosty because of her over-friendlyness. After a while it made me feel uncomfortable, but it was mostly the way she acted towards other guys, even a friend of mine thought she was hitting on him and other friends of mine would make mention of how over-friendly she would be sometimes. Needless to say we broke up eventually and that was the reason, she just made me feel uneasy. I don't know if she was a cheater, or faithful but there were subtle clues that made me question her, she may just have been naieve to the way she came off but it wasn't good for me.

    I think that is the thing that happens in situations like this, if someone has a feeling to not trust their partner, for me it was just an uneasy gut feeling which made me wonder what would happen if I were not there. With others, I have been 100% trusting and didn't question a thing no matter what the situation. Body language speaks volumes about what peoples inner intentions are.

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