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    The swords have cast
    The shields have fallen
    But let me assure you
    It will not be in vain
    Tonight will never be forgotten

    Is tonight but a number?
    Yet another day in a never ending sequence?
    The sun and the moon know no hours
    No minutes
    No seconds
    They are the free ones

    What is time?
    What is a minute?
    It can be as long or as short as you desire
    The joy of love compels you to grip the handlebars of time
    Yet the anguish of the aftermath slams hard on the breaks

    Perhaps tonight is just a state of mind
    A half-forgotten distant memory
    Like the smell of her freshly tossed wavy hair
    Blowing in harmony with the wind

    But tonight does not travel with the wind
    As it is not just a memory
    But an idea
    A thought
    It is real in the sense that while people can change
    People can be changed
    Ideas remain constant
    How they are acted upon change
    But the ideas remain the same

    If change is a pot-bellied man on a tight rope
    And it fails and fails
    Not due to the lack of will
    But due to the lack of possibility

    If change is yet another vague concept that has no use
    Then I must know
    Isn’t change found not in the outcome, but the right to try?

    Tonight is now
    You cannot feel it
    It is not tangible
    It is but the very moment in which has just passed as these words gloss over your eyes
    Tonight is tonight for just a moment until now the moment has passed

    But what happens in the day?
    The quiet morning after the raging storm
    Does change drain away?
    Is it a thundering storm?
    Who’s effects are washed away by reason as the sun rises
    Although the storm may be forgotten
    The rainbow shines on

    But let us remember what has occurred here tonight
    Let us feel the change in the blood in our veins
    In the water going down our drain
    In the soft sounds heard on a quiet city streets
    The rumblings from far beneath the hum of a train
    Rising up from the depths of the conscience
    To a center stage where one is all and all is one
    Let us remember that tonight is not just a night
    But that tonight will live on forever
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    That's beautiful. Great job. :) :)

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