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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by alycebgray, Aug 20, 2005.

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    The blue dress $110-180, if the dress has all french seaming it's worth a good bit bc/s it will last, but in a flea market type setting you may not get the higher end. That isn't anywhere near the traditional pricing scale, but I believe it is fair and realistic.

    The shirt $35-60 again french seaming is a sign of durabiltiy, but the market may not support the higher end price.

    Just me- I'd put the higher prices (or maybe even a bit higher) on the tags and have my absolute bottom price I would accept in mind and let the customer haggle and feal that they got a deal.

    Oh, and I don't sell, but I know what I would pay for such items.
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    Thanks a lot, sarahstar...that's really helpful. I didn't realize there was a simple formula like that, to determine how much to charge for something. I think I would probably charge a little less, just because I'm doing it for fun, but now I can ballpark a good asking price. I think it's important to ask enough for your work that people don't think they're getting a shoddy product...like the way that WalMart has $5 shirts, but you can only wear them once or twice before they stretch out beyond recognition. (My sister went through a WalMart phase, when she was younger).

    I found another <a href="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a92/alycebgray/ruby.jpg">picture</a> (not taken by my husband, who lacks the patience to keep shooting until he gets a flattering picture) of something I made...it's a princess dress for one of my smaller friends, already well-loved by the time the picture was taken...the spots on the skirt are silver paint, which didn't show up too well in the picture. This one took a while to make, because I sewed a bunch of sequins on by hand, stamped paint on the skirt, etc.--but it was worth every minute, just for her smile...
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    I know what you mean! My solution is to one day live in a commune!

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