Tomorrow's Journey

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by YogaOfLove, May 12, 2004.

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    All my follies are what i amount
    Each days work and play is never enough
    Watching myself fall into what all humanity does.
    Facing it, without regret, makes the youth so tough
    Building a wall to watch it fall for reasons just because.
    Forget everything; its importance nonexsisting.
    Lose it all in a journey beyond
    Finding eternal bliss more vexing than thought.
    The light thats lit the way; our bond
    Its the time I find what things i sought.
    Love in its most divine, intangible form
    Feeling, but unable to grasp and hold.
    Still i walk, or crawl, through reality
    So far, im here; so weak, im bold
    Today? Tomorrow? Let sorrow be
    Tears for joy and tears for pain
    waiting, waiting; living without you
    Hoping its true that love will find a way.
    Knowing it will come, the day it will be just us two.
    Tomorrow they say, not today.
  2. saffronfrancisburnet

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    just felt i had to say

    this made me tingle
    very lovely to read
    very raw also what you have to say on how you feel.....

    love n peace from saff
    keep writing
  3. HippieFlowerGirl67

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    Love that! That's my Journey for the summer put into words perfectly!
  4. TrippinBTM

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    This is like a hot knife stabbing into my buttery soul, going deep and melting all around it. I loved it.

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