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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by interval_illusion, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. can you eat a tomatoe plain, uncooken and raw and enjoy it?
  2. indescribability

    indescribability Not To Be Continued

    i eat tomatoe like apple its so good
  3. I love oranges
  4. all matoes or fresh ones?

    see, i have no food in my house right now but a mato from cali and well, i used to not like them when i was a kid.. i grew to like the cherry or grape ones whole, "regular" ones in salads and sandwiches and local ones in slices..with salt :)

    should i eat this bitch? :)
  5. indescribability

    indescribability Not To Be Continued

    yes try putting salt on it some people like it it is good
  6. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    yep, eat it! i loooove tomatoes... you can sprinkle salt on it (i was going to suggest that anyway, and now i see you like them like that too :) )
  7. mmmm yep the salt is good and i just wanna eat the whole thing and its huge and not local but yah- not bad
  8. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    hehe cooool
  9. kindwoman

    kindwoman Sista Golden Hair

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE tomatoes, however, I prefer the summertime garden tomatoes. Hothouse tomatoes in the winter are quite bland.
  10. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    Yesss. I love tomatos.
  11. HippyFreek2004

    HippyFreek2004 changed screen name

    I eat homegrown tomatoes like apples...I won't hardly touch grocery store maters

  12. yeah, that was the difference but i ate it anyways and it was okay but defiantly not home grown.
  13. Peanuts

    Peanuts Nutz

    I like diced tomatoes. Garlic salt tastes awesome on tomatoes.

    Interval, did you get any sleep last night? I've never seen you up this early posting. :)
  14. haha, i havent been to bed... i couldnt sleep so just stayed up but i am going now... zzzzzzzzzzz
  15. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    I only like raw tomatoes if they're sliced thin on a sandwich. I grow my own and can them in the summer. I rarely buy store bought fresh, but I will buy canned if I run out.
  16. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    since when do you spell tomato with an "e"?? did you take spelling lessons from dan quayle?
  17. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    I love to eat raw tomatoes with nothing else on them. The rest of my family enjoys putting mayonaise on them, but I think that is revolting since mayo is the most godawful thing ever invented.
  18. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    Luckily, even in the winter, I can get locally grown organic tomatoes here.
  19. i love tomatos soo yummy, like others said i eat then raw just like a pple and i put nothing on them
  20. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I need them to be cooked, in a salad, or on a sandwich.

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