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  1. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    So over the last couple weeks went through about 150-160mg of oxycodone + a couple hits of oxymorphone 15mg~ total. last time was on tuesday. i got some hydrocodone today and took 10mg and didnt even feel it. i was kindof disappointed a few months ago 10mg would have me feeling warm and comfortable. so my question is how long should i abstain for my tolerance to go back down to baseline? i plan to be getting alot of hydrocodone soon no more oxys.
  2. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    What was your dose of Oxycodone? 10mg of Hydrocodone is nothing, it's barely anything to opiate naive patients.

    Opiates won't be the same anymore. You will soon realize how much weaker and less euphoric Hydrocodone is then Oxycodone.

    I'd say wait at least a week, two to three weeks if you can, if you want your tolerance to go back down a little, but I wouldn't expect after blowing/eating oxys for a couple weeks for you to be able to go back to 10mg of Hydrocodone, and feel it.

    Just being honest...
  3. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    i did both oxymorphone 3 times at 5mg apiece. then i did like 40,40,50,30 oxycodone. all this done over 2-3 weeks. back in september i got a shitton of hydrocodone and i would just take like 10mg and feel great. i don't plan on getting any more oxy as they are WAY too expensive and also a bit more addictive than i am comfortable with. i don't care how long i have to wait i just want my tolerance to go back down to 0 so i can enjoy my hydros again. so u think 2-3 week will be good?
  4. Guitar

    Guitar Senior Member

    to get your tolerance to before you started oxys is gonna take a couple months i'd say. once you do oxymorphone and oxycontin, espeically 40-50 mgs , 10 mgs of hydrocodone is nothing compared to that. so id wait at least a month to try hydros again, and if you do try 20-30 mgs at least. oxycodone is more powerful then hydrocodone to most people, so 10 mgs of oxy = 15 mgs of hydro
  5. CoLdFuSioN167

    CoLdFuSioN167 Member

    Yeah TOLERANCE sucks. I remember taking such a low dose and feeling great. Now it sucks.
  6. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Yeah, I would say 2 months before you would be able to SLIGHTLY feel 10mg of Hydro again, but still I don't think it's going to be likely anymore, no matter how long you wait.
  7. TooCrisp

    TooCrisp Member

    I mean....if you stay clean for a couple doubt you will feel 10mg of hydro again....h*ll you will prob feel that if you stay clean for a couple days. That said, it won't be very strong, and even for a first timer, it won't be very strong. my first opiate was 15mg of oxycodone (perc) which had me in heaven and if I took two weeks off would still have me feeling great.

    I'd say just take 2 weeks (enough time for mind and body to come full circle)....and then just take like 20-25mg hydro if you cant get your hands on oxy.
  8. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    ^Are you kidding? Once you advance to Oxycodone, and higher can't just magically stop for a few days and feel 10mg of Hydrocodone again. Opiate tolerance doesn't really work like that.

    Besides, once you have felt a stronger opiate, regardless of how Hydrocodone MADE you feel won't be the same because you've experienced a stronger opiate.
  9. SpENS93

    SpENS93 Illuminati

    ahhh the days in high school..... poppin 2 norcos from this girl who had a locker next to me and getting insanley high

    ahhh those were the days
  10. junglejack

    junglejack aiko aiko

    Stop taking them right away- building up a tolerance for opiates sucks. Taking more every day ,trying to get that high , will cause more harm than you need . If you have a chance to skip your regular" get high" dose before you start feeling sick -you,re ahead of the game.
    Chasing a high that aint going to happen ...well, you know the deal

    You always can start over again- - wait awhile :hat:

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