Tobacco Mosaic Virus???

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pests and Problems' started by OleFlowerMan, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. OleFlowerMan

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    My 14 day old Laughing Buddha and 2 Liberty Haze (both from BarneysFarm) seem to be infected with Tobacco mosaic virus. Ph is always 6.5 in happy frog with light fox farm nutes. Impressive growth BUT won't count for much down the road i'm afraid.
    "It is easy to distinguish from ph swings and nute deficiencies and insect damage, but yet many continue to breed sick plants and spread the disease to others via seed stock,or infected cuts.."
    Whats my best move? Does anyone know.?
  2. deleted

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    sadly: you may just need to clean house, and start over. there is no cure..

    However, sometimes this can be mistaken for over feeding.. it needs the right conditions to spread from strain to strain. in my opinion. virus needs host and it would take a while for it to jump plants. Its not spider mites. its a lot more biological. One strain may be more resistant than the others. If you seen this instantly. Then It would suggest feeding problems.

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