To willingly take a spanking?

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by Jenny9595, May 6, 2019.


Should I let my boyfriend spank me?

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  1. Jenny9595

    Jenny9595 Members

    I’m looking for a little advice, some points of view to help me with a decision.

    I live at home with my parents, probably not for much longer as university looms.

    I love my parents and they clearly care about me. They have always taught me right from wrong and along the road that lesson has been learned through a painful bottom. For example, last Saturday evening my Dad applied ten swats of the slipper to my pyjama bottoms when he learned I’d been in trouble at school.

    In anger I went moaning to my boyfriend looking for sympathy and a hug, which I got.

    We have been going out for about 3 months and have a healthy relationship with great sex, or so I thought; however the day after I shared with him he told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He has asked if he might be able to spank me too.

    I assume he won’t hit me hard (although he does want to use a slipper too) and of course I can stop if I want to.

    My problem is, although that I know people spank and receive spankings for pleasure, I know that there is a good chance my parents will spank me again in anger. Also if I agree to my boyfriends requests he’ll want to continue.

    Is it possible to live with both types of spanking and separate the two in your head? Or is this going to risk damaging the relationship I have with my boyfriend as spanking is so firmly associated with punishment for me?

    Has anyone else been here?

    Thanks, Jenny
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  2. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    It is not the same, go slow you may like it. Ask your guy if he wants you to spank him. I have had girls spank me since I was 32 yo and love it. I wish I had found some one to do it sooner. I was beaten as a kid and It has no bearing on the pleasure we have now. Tell your parents to leave their hand of you you are not putting up with it. Do not use the same instruments as your parents did . Hand or small strap it is fun to chose the tool Good luck
  3. Jenny9595

    Jenny9595 Members

    Thanks for your thoughts, I’d never considered spanking him, but that’s put a grin on my face!

    When it comes to my Dad, I may be overselling it. Since starting senior school (so nearly 7 years ago) I I’m certain I’ve only got the slipper 3 times. The last time was at least 3 years ago. This time I could tell he regretted it. He tried to justify smacking me but he was so apologetic and looked so sad. I am absolutely confident it will never happen again.

    I’m not defending his actions, I personally believe hitting children is wrong, but my Dad has always been my hero and he’s ‘rescued’ me more times than I would care to imagine.

    That said, seeing my boyfriend tonight, think it’s time for a chat!
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  4. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    Let me know how it works out.I craved sexual spanking for many years before I had a girl do it and the best part was it was her idea.She took a strap and made my ass real hot and I sure liked it.
  5. Jenny9595

    Jenny9595 Members


    Well that’s a decision. Tomorrow night, for the second time this month, I’ll have a slipper applied to my bottom. But because it’s my boyfriend doing it, I’ll enjoy it?

    He is really keen on using a slipper because he’s clearly turned on by the thought of my Dad using it on me. So despite my concerns I’ve said ‘Yes’
    I have said that this is dependant on me then spanking him next time, which he agreed to with no hesitation. I even get to decide what to smack him with!

    Suggestions welcome!

    Not feeling brave at the moment, but I’ve made his day, which I love!
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  6. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

  7. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    It will be great fun if it is done carefully. Pick something to spank him with that really stings, Guys deserve more pain than ladies. It will take a lot of practice [fun time] some like thud some like sting. I like sting but a couple times a year I have my wife spank me with a thin board just for something different. Have him use his hand on you that is personal but his hand may get sore after while. Leather straps are a favorite of mine. Also see my collection on left [ leather paddle is missing]
  8. Nippleman

    Nippleman Members

    Spanking is good for you and you will enjoy it
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  9. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    I think I should spank you.
  10. ronda m

    ronda m Members

    I would like to get a spanking from someone all so.
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  11. Danny Franks

    Danny Franks Members

    When I get my girlfriend in the doggy position I like slapping her arse a number of times get it tanned, she said that after I have fucked her she feels the affect of my cock in her arse and the stinging feeling of her arse being slapped
  12. Captain Scarlet

    Captain Scarlet Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    I think it is very important to play safe especially for beginners. Boundaries need to be clearly set out and safe words in place before any sessions commence. Over stepping a boundary may cause cessation of similar activities in the future .
  13. ronda m

    ronda m Members

    I was spanked years ago and now I want it again. I cant find anyone In my area though.
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  14. ronda m

    ronda m Members

    I love my checks getting smacked wile sex.
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  15. Nippleman

    Nippleman Members

    I would love to see that
  16. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    I was 36
    I was about 35 years old before I got a FWB to spank & whip me. Now I get it at least 3 times a week!!

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