To the right wingers still voting for the Republican Party – why?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Dear right wingers are you honestly saying that you would continue to carry on voting for a Party that has now been taken over by a core of conspiracy theory believing fanatics (its putting up as candidate that are openly Q anon supporters/believers)

    At what point do you begin thinking about your country above your party affiliations?
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  2. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Administrator Super Moderator

    Good question, I can't answer that... I am definitely not a right winger, left winger, folded winger, whinger, or otherwise.

    Q doesn't exist.

    I do have a healthy respect for mass hysteria and when I see a mob in the street I run the other way.
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  3. Mallyboppa

    Mallyboppa Nails Mc Fugger

    Bob Dylan said
    “There's no black and white, left and right to me anymore; there's only up and down and down is very close to the ground. And I'm trying to go up without thinking about anything trivial such as politics. They have got nothing to do with it. I'm thinking about the general people and when they get hurt.”
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  4. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mal my old friend

    I'm not sure what you are on about here i have however asked Brexit supporters like yourself another question in another thread - which is what have we won with leaving the EU, what is better than what we had before - you could go there an answer that?
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  5. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    I voted third party this election. Quite frankly, I've been leaning more and more left on social and economic issues. The only reason I'm still registered as republican is because they're currently the only major party that supports gun rights. In fact, if it wasn't for Biden's gun control and abortion policy, I would've voted for him.
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  6. granite45

    granite45 Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Need to listen to that old Frank Zappa song “Guns”
  7. wooleeheron

    wooleeheron Brain Damaged Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Forty years of extensive studies concluded they organize like chickens, and half still insist the sun revolves around the earth. If you've never been exposed to Professional Wrestling, televangelism, or republicans then you are totally clueless. The chickens have their own culture of lies and cult of personality, and they always want a rooster, while democrats make terrible roosters for the most part. Organizing like chickens reflects the fact they can't possible organize any simpler, and even their teachers encourage them to lie by teaching that the English language only has one grammar, when it has two, and refusing to teach a child how to use a dictionary, share their words, and play nice. By who and what you hate, by this are you truly known in an angry flock of chickens, where contentment is both the enemy of the status quo and growth and progress. They have been trained since childhood to peck at everything, to split semantic hairs, to lie, etc.
  8. wrat1

    wrat1 Members

    Its not sports , its about the best person for the job sometimes it someone from a different party
  9. Mallyboppa

    Mallyboppa Nails Mc Fugger

    Why ? you wont listen people like you never do !

    Here is something for you to think about though

    Europe's vaccine blunders threaten the entire EU project

    "Obviously, the European purchasing process was flawed,” said Markus Söder, the Bavarian premier and the man that Germans would most like to see as the next Chancellor.

    “It’s hard to explain why people elsewhere are being vaccinated more quickly with an excellent vaccine developed in Germany. Time is crucial. If Israel, the US, or the UK are far ahead of us with jabs, they’ll also gain economically."

    Lack of vaccines imply an extra quarter of lockdowns and eurozone recession. This pushes Club debt ratios further beyond the point of no return. It pushes the French ratio into the danger zone. It pushes more struggling firms over the brink. It raises the risk of permanent scarring.

    It implies that German taxpayers will have to dig deeper into their pockets to beef up the European Recovery Fund. The current €390bn grant component, spread over five years and 27 countries, is not going to move the macroeconomic needle.

    Fucking BREXIT Eh ! Its over

    Me replying to this question doesn't mean I want to go down that Whole Obsession Rabbit hole with you Again ! xxx
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  10. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    The Republican Party needs to regroup and reinvent itself, otherwise in time it will effectively cease to exist.
  11. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Why? It has had such great success with gerrymandering, voter suppression and fear tactics for the last 20 + years.
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  12. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Yes but under Trump they've been ravaged. They've lost the Presidency, House and Senate. and after Wednesday's fiasco they've lost a lot of Trump supporters. It's time for some major damage control.
  13. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    So once again you fail to answer any of the questions put to you, which from you isn’t unexpected.

    But I’ll ask again why do you think people would still vote for Republican candidates?
  14. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    But didn’t you basically agree with me last time we discussed gun control and my position is if anything more draconian than the present Democratic Party position? As to abortion I really wonder why in this day and age it is still wanted by women in the US. I mean in most countries the reasons for it been still been used extensively is due to lack of education especially sex education and lack of comprehensive healthcare.

    The right wing and often religious based ideas promoted by many in the US work against that by often wishing to reduce sex education and cut healthcare.
  15. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    They tried back in 2013 - *Spoiler* - it failed

    Just under eight years ago, Republicans were recovering from a stinging presidential election loss after Mitt Romney lost to President Obama by 126 electoral votes.

    And so the GOP produced a 2013 report that came to be known as the "autopsy," laying out how the party should move forward — most notably, that it should expand its outreach to communities of color, women and young voters.

    Trump Defied The 2013 GOP Autopsy. So Was It A 'Failure'?

  16. Mallyboppa

    Mallyboppa Nails Mc Fugger

    You asked me specifically this " which is what have we won with leaving the EU, what is better than what we had before" I answered that Question only ! (its there for everyone to see )
    You don't like my answer fair enough I wont lose any sleep
  17. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Well... They are already talking about making it harder (for minorities) to vote in red states...

    Seriously... Lying and cheating is all they know. That's about as far as their damage control can go.
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  18. wooleeheron

    wooleeheron Brain Damaged Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    They're fucking chickens, damage control for them is screaming louder.
  19. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Well then as I said they run the risk of becoming increasingly irrelevant until they cease to exist.
  20. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    If I remember correctly, my thread was basically saying "here's where I'm willing to compromise." I'm not gonna push for any strict measures. However I'm willing to settle for things like universal background checks in exchange for something like a federal CCW permit.

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