To the Greatest Generation

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    (From an aging baby boomer)

    You had World War II and we had Vietnam
    You had Reefer Madness while we had Cheech & Chong
    You fought for our freedom and we fought to refine it
    The stumbling block with freedom is in how you define it

    We grew up in comfort as long as we were white
    While those with darker skin tone fought for their civil rights
    We looked at their struggle and gave them our support
    Took it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court

    Then we fought each other across our great divide
    War and love, hawks and doves, we had to take a side
    "Peace is not an option! We need to stop those Reds!
    And quit smoking that dope! It's messing with your head!"

    "No!" we said, "That's not the way! We need to love each other!
    Black and white, yellow and red, it's time we lived as brothers!
    Bring the troops back home now! We need to end the war!
    Legalize marijuana! Tax the rich and feed the poor!"

    58,000 soldiers wound up dying overseas
    The war reached its conclusion and both of us were pleased
    We left them to fight alone and that did not work well
    Reality kicked us in the ass the day that Saigon fell

    From Vietnam to Watergate was such a short transition
    After all was done and said we kicked out Richard Nixon
    His war on drugs continued and took many casualties
    Which was felt the harshest among all minorities

    The Soviet Union fell and so we lost one enemy
    Followed by religious wars against theocracies
    America tries to lead the world but it will not be led
    While half the country turns to blue the other half stays red

    Is this a better world now? Well I find that hard to say
    The country's rife with people who want to take it all away
    They're all longing for a time when their white privilege ruled
    Leaving them too blind to see that they have all been fooled

    The chasm between rich and poor has grown enormously
    While politicians make it hard to climb from poverty
    Racism's less obvious but still alive and well
    If you're a minority the cops still give you hell

    We're winning the war on drugs, pot's nearly legalized
    Sometimes I think we need it just to face the daily lies
    We're told that we can't believe the things that we can see
    They won't get away with it, on this we must agree

    We have gotten old now while you are nearly gone
    I write this as a tribute to the struggle you took on
    The greatest generation had the greatest generation gap
    Your children pointed out just where the world is full of crap

    As you pass into history we will remember you
    How you defeated evil but then had to face the truth
    Everybody everywhere must get a chance to live
    Let your legacy be that you gave all you could give
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    Very nice !
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    Good job!
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    How powerful and true!
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    Good job!
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    That is brilliant.

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