to kiss the donkeys ass, I announce, you horrible fiends

Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by HerbuhLovuh, May 18, 2004.

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    Iis to lick the past. Knowledge is killing the mind to find something unbound in time. Especially no silly rhyme has a function in these mistaken places. perfectly bound I am, I am, I am not, har har har, I am a pirate, squeezing every mans nuts, licking every womans nipples, but damn, oh shizley, oh nizz, what the FICKLE PORTRAYALS OF BLASTED MINDS eating into my shattered psyche here immovable here unbendable here indestructible roaring laughing fiending ripping tearing rediculously healthy perfect genes twisted bones raging monstrous idelectattttteeed hormonal infernal phermones did I lick a donkey did I tear an azz did I eat a muffin did I go past that place no one else has ever gone past?
    I guess we all did. I am not going to proof read this either so I hope you like the taste of my cheeze neither would I accept some sort of whiney bleeder some pussy begging computer face some duck footed waddler some burning eyed horrid replay. Sounds like love to me. Know why? I see the equation inverted, adn there, it acicdently just into your eye.

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