To early for a new dog?

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by magnificentnuggets, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. My almost 10 year old female collie (Katie) went to heaven yesterday, and me and my boyfriend were thinking about getting another dog. My other dog (Miles) a pit, and rott mix, is so bummed and so are we. So we were thinking a new addition might be a good thing to do, but the problem is Miles has never gotten along with any other dogs besides Katie and some other neighborhood dogs when he was a pup. when we have had friends bring their dogs over or have taken miles for a walk and seen other dogs miles goes crazy barking, growling, pulling on the leash, and his hair stands up in alot of occasions always becomes agressive and trys to attack other dogs. so we were wondering if theres something we could do to make him be less agressive towards other dogs so we would be able to introduce a new family member, which would be good for him too since we cannot be home alot of the time do to work and other things, we think he should have a companion to keep him busy. but i really dont know what to do any sugesstions would be grately appreciated
  2. Elle

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    The best way to introduce them would be on neutral ground. If you bring a new dog to your home, your dog feels as if she needs to defend her territory thus making her aggressive. Even on neutral ground she still might be aggressive, but it's worth a shot. Sometimes shelters (if you are wanting to look for a dog there) will let you bring your dog by to have an introduction with the potential new dog. Dogs, just like people, get along with some and not with others. My family's dog hated almost every dog she saw except for our neighbor's little shitzu, snickers. Snickers would come over to play everyday and they got on from the very first meeting. It might just take some searching around to find a dog that gets on with yours well. Also, it's good to make their introduction a positive one, perhaps giving them both treats, somthing like that. I'm sorry your dog passed away:( Are you thinking of getting a new one from the shelter? Perhaps they might have some tips on what to do. Good luck with it all.
  3. yea we wanted to get a dog from a shelter or a rescue dog. thanks for the advice ill definitly keep it in mind
  4. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    How did your dog die? 10 is kind of young for a dog.

    I feel for you, though. I lost my dog last month. She was 13.
  5. Kiva

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    The suggestion for introducing on neutral ground is a good one. Also, in many cases, though not all, its best to have dogs of opposite sex. So, if Miles is a boy, try with a girl doggie. But, if he's that aggressive, you may not want to try another dog. You may just have to respect your dog's individual personality, ya know?
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    Hi, ive worked with alot of dogs over the last 10 yrs and ive found it best when a dog like Miles is aggresive towards other dogs, its usually dogs of his age/size/sex.

    My personal opinion for you would be to rescue a pup, dosent have to be a baby, one up to 6 months of age would be sereal. Miles is an older dog who feels threatened by most other older dogs, if you intoduce him to a pup preferably a female hes less likely to show aggresion and his pack insticts of being a role model will more than likely kick in.
    You mentioned he was fine with the neighbor dog when he was a pup, thats a sign right there. I really think that a pup would work best for your family.
    Most humane societies allow you to bring in your dog for introduction, they put you in a room, so that the dogs can meet and get to know eachother first. This might be better for you also because it wont be on his property.
    something for you to ponder.
    Almost forgot dogs feel less stressed when introduced off leash. This way they get to sniff and greet eachother without getting all tangled up and feeling uneasy.

    Hope i helped some:)
    Good luck.....keep us posted:)
  7. OceanLily

    OceanLily Member

    I'm sorry about your loss.. I feel ya! and I agree with other comments...
  8. Miles is a 2 year old boy, just for some future reference, I don't know why I left that out. Unfortunatly, Katie (my dog that passed away) died from bladder cancer that we were unaware of untill her last hours on this earth. But thanks for the advice I'll definitly use it

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