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Discussion in 'Spanish' started by Gladstone Screwer, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Gabrielle

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    I'm split with this one because I am from England and my mum is Hispanic so she is Spanish mixed with some Indian. Both have the good and bad.
  2. It would be wrong to assume I dislike the Spanish or have anything against them. I just asked about the racism. Thinking about it, when I ask about Spanish racism and someone says "I don't know but I am on the Spanish side" seems rather worrying, don't you think.

    Also someone said they saw English kids walking around with no grasp of the political situation in this country. How can you assume this from seeing a person walking round? Actually the majority of those people choose not to vote because they DO know about the politics in this country, it is not a lack of knowledge but disillusionment with politicians, which is encouraging, we will vote for none if neccessary. I mean if the choices are Bush or Kerry why vote at all? Same applies to Blair and Howerd.
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    Well, i'm not so nacionalist as you, i don't like to call myself Spanish, i'm not proud of being born in anywhere, i'm proud of being an openminded person wherever i'm form, i try to fight racism and un fairness wherever i find it, i know how is my country and i won't say it's fantastic, because it isn't, but if the spanish can be proud of something it's of the culture, i don't know if you have heard about the golden century, Cervantes (Quixote), Quevedo, Velazquez, Goya, ..., PICASSO, MirĂ³... and i could write some more, don't be dumb, everybody must respect the other cultures, just because culture is something owned by the whole mankind, it's universal, free, and it's the only thing that can make people more intelligent in order to change this fucking world.

    Hugs and kisses
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    Interesting again, i don't know where you found all those sentences, but what i said was that i was in spain, so i can talk about it, because i've lived here for ever ;) obviously, and i'll repeat what i wrote up back, i were to England just at the moment the last year when the English parliament was voting for the Tori's leader censure motion (i don't know if i used the correct terms, sorry about my poor English), and i asked many people (people about my age) about the subject because i wanted to know more (because i like the English parliament system very much, it's the oldest parliament in the world, see, you can really be proud of that) and nobody knew how to explain about it, nobody cared, but EVERYBODY could tell me the Man United line-up, that's sad, and i'm not saying that the Enlish are stupid footbal supporters and nothing else, here in spain you can find the same situation, young people don't care about politics, just TV and consumism.
    What i really mean is that as the Spanish phrase says, don't see just the straw in the other's eye and look for the girder in yours.

    More hugs and kisses
  5. Well what you say is true, but I disagree that knowing the Man UTD line up rather than the political situation is a sad thing I view it as a positive indication that people are prepared to care about the things that matter to them over the tories and Labour. Most people in this country, the people that live in housing estates know that we can not count on any of these parties to represent us and stopped taking notice a long time ago which is why they were at a loss when you asked to be enlightened.

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