Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by hanaspana, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    7months tomorrow [​IMG]

    5mins old. mmmmmmmm, waxy.


    A couple of months pass, along with a hell of a lot of scrubbing....



  2. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    4/5 months. Stiiiiiillll scrubbing wax out.



  3. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    More recently 6and a bit months



    Say no to wax kids.

    That's me done. Shortish timeline I guess. Anyone else got any longer timelines they'd like to share?

    Later days

  4. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    I posted mine a while ago , but it's so annoying that you can't post more than 4 pictures in one post.. , your dreads look good :D.
  5. looks great!
  6. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    Yeh I saw your timeline! Your dreads are beautiful :)

    I know, it's annoying you can only post 4 at a time :mad:
  7. hamish...

    hamish... Member

    theyre amazing dreads! iv had mine like a month less and mine are like barely knotting up but ures look kick ass!

  8. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    Thank-you :)

    I like your dreads! I always wonder how mine would have looked at the beginning if I hadn't used wax.

    The girl who did my hair did an amazing job on them. It took 7.5hrs, but they were done very tight. I owe it all to her really!

    Are can't really say the wax helped, because I started the deep clean thingo 2 weeks into having them.

    Plenty of palm rolling when your bored/watching tv/in lectures is my advice :)

    Ooooo, and aloe vera gel. Keeps them smooooooooth.

    Later days
  9. hamish...

    hamish... Member

    my dreads took 10 hours to do and i used wax for 3 months which is probably why theyre sooo bad for this length of time but hey who cares leave em a few years and they will work out = )
  10. amethystrse

    amethystrse Member

    Beautiful! I hope mine look as good as yours in 7 months!
  11. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    Have you tried the deep cleaning concotion floating around on here?

    I think the salt in that helps to tighten dreads. And the tea tree leaves your scalp tingly fresh :)
  12. hamish...

    hamish... Member

    i wash my hair regularly with sea salt/lemon water....and everymonth wash with sea salt, lemon, cider vinegar and bakin soda but i rly need 2 buy tea tree oil. after this amount of time im quite impatient that theyre not knotting up well but time will tell ayee
  13. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    Definately, patience :)

    Tea tree= vital for any dread head! Get some asap. It's amazing stuff.
  14. hamish...

    hamish... Member

    aye will do
  15. maereo

    maereo Member

    i love your hair... and ur face is really cute too=P

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