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  1. skibadee

    skibadee Member

    there is no such thing as time therefore the world will go on forever until the universe reloads it just keeps doing this forever cos there is no such thing as time. rinse out bo.
  2. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    actually there is such a thing as time. but it can be manipulated.
  3. The fact that everything is infact happening at once doesnt mean that time does not exist. It simply means that time is eternal. It can therefore be represented by a circle...or a circle of tiny spirals. I believe time works in a way which this shape represents. When we see a ghost, all we are doing is bein able to momentarily see across one of these tiny circles of time, at someone who is actually living right at that second but to us is a person of the past...or even the future. I also believe this explains feelings of deja vu.

    I agree with you about the world not ending...to me the world never began. Because the human mind cannot imagine the infinite...were not capable of visualising it (otherwise wed be God) we naturally assume that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end....a birth, a life and a death...just as we do...But infact everything does not. Not even we really do.

    Anyway im rambling. But to answer your question, i believe that time DOES exist...our perception of it is too real...but it works in a way which the shape of a circle represents(taken to its simplest form...i believe its a lot more complex than this) and so no, it will not end.

  4. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    Time exists to us because we have defined it to the rotation of the earth around the sun. As far as whether time really exists it is relative. Infinity is easy to conceptulize as it is simply 1/0.
  5. It is simply whatty what?...Sorry, i dont work with numbers.

  6. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    It's just a fraction, like 1/2 is half and 1/4 is a quarter and 1/1 is everything, therefore 1/0 is infinity. Simple math is all it is.
  7. Yeah, it probably is really simple. I just get mental blocks to these things, cant work with numbers at all. Words, i understand. They actually have meaning....But my logic was...when i look in my mind, i can imagine, say, 2 pink elephants...i can see them in my head...even abstract nouns, like the word "hate" will bring up an image...But, infinity...i cant imagine. I cant even begin to try. The nearest thing i can ever come up with is a circle...which is what inspired the time theory.

  8. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    I'm the opposite way, can visualize algebra easilly but have problems with words. In a way it could be thought of as a circle since circles involve pi, and since pi is a transcendental number you should therotically be able to solve pi to infinty decimal places without coming up with a recurring series of numbers. That's probably one of the reasons pi shows up in so many physics equations, and thus in nature.
  9. skibadee

    skibadee Member

    the universe isnt real, therefore time isnt real therefore there is no such thing as time. bo
  10. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    I kinda agree but only at the speed of light would time not exist. When time does't exist then all dimensions would also sieze to exist and thus the entire universe wouldn't exist. Maybe another universe would exist until you reach the speed of light in that universe than it would also not exist. Maybe it would continue on to infinity. Caught in an endless loop until you die. Maybe you couldn't die because you also sieze to exist. Becoming a single photon of light travelling endlessly thru the void going nowhere and everywhere at once.
  11. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    Time is Motion
    And everything we observe in reality is in motion.
    Humans tried to stop the motion of JUST ONE ATOM a
    while back...could not do it with all our science
    Like trying to stop light,, it may not be possible

    No Motion > temporal stasis

    Even fits nicely with relativistic effects.
    Mass pushed to near lightspeed suffers relativistic effects

    Increase in MASS
    Axial forshortening
    retardation of motion [time slows]

    It seems anywhere we say 'time'
    Motion could be inserted without problem

    The difference between NOW and the NOW of a minute in the past.
    What we call a minute in time.
    Is just the total of motion that has the clock hand do a full rotation.

    Time does not drive mass/energy and cause events..
    Mass/energy in motion causes events and the sequential perception
    of the events is called time

    Or so occams theory goes ;)

  12. skibadee

    skibadee Member

    i reckon when you go through the speed of light you goto another parellel universe which is rinse out
  13. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams


    Hey, i'm just a joe who knows only what he reads about such things.
    Apparently. You can accelerate mass[say a spaceship]
    to 'near' lightspeed.
    But never reach it of cross it.
    Not even light can go faster than light :)

    But history is full of barriers we were not supposed to be able to cross.
    And look what happened.
    Occam thinks there IS A WAY around the lightspeed barrier.
    We just have to find it.

  14. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    I've been thinking alot about relativaty the last few months and there are too many inconsistencies. Think about this, the rest mass of light is zero therefore the mass of light at light speed is infinity. Since light has a mass of infinty howcome the sunlight, or even someone shining a flashlight on you, doesn't kill you when it hits you? How can it be possible for stars orbiting in a galaxy to be travelling at the same speed as another star, in the the same galaxy but farther from the centre than the first, be measured to be travelling at the same speed? How can scientists determine that the farthest stars they can see are farther away from us, in light years, then the universe has existed in years? The only reason I can think of is that relativaty only works to a point, the same as classical physics only work up to a point. I believe Einstien was right in believing that there has to be a universal theory of electromagnetic force. It might take a while till some one figures it out since Einstien spent many decades trying and failing to figure it out.
  15. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams


    There is NO rest mass of Light
    Light has no state other than 300 thousand kilometers per second.

    A star can travel as part of a local group about the galactic core.
    Why does the earth orbit the sun.
    And not the galactic core? think about it.

    Einstien was not dealing with such a theory.
    He was dealing with how electromagnetism fits with observed
    phenomena. And gravity and space and time.
    All he thought, were parts of a unified theory.
    He could not define such. But he tried.
    He may of FAILED to you.
    But for occam

    Einstein is besides jesus, the greatest human mind that has ever existed.

  16. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    I don't think Einstien failed at all and I also consider him to be the greastest mind of all time. "The fact that light itself travels at the speed c implies that its rest mass (if such a thing makes sense) must be zero; of course, light is never at rest." This qoute is from a highschool physics book I have. I realize light can't have a rest mass but from this quote and using the mass increase formula mass=rest mass/the square root of (1-v squared/c squared) you end up with mass=0/the square root of (1-1), which is mass =0/0, therefore mass=infinity. I also think that there cannot be a rest mass of anything since everything in the universe is in motion at all times. The planets are moving around the sun, the sun is moving around the centre of the milky way, the milky way is moving in relation to the other galaxies. It would be impossible to completly stop any thing, therefore the rest mass of anything could be in theory only. I realize I don't understand the general theory of relativaty, and there is probably mathamatics to explain this but they are well over my head.
  17. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams


    Same here,, dont have the math.
    But it CAN be explained without math. it just requires a flexible mind wih great general knowledge.

    Remember. Einstein saw it as a concept first..then math...
    'in understanding reality, imagination is far more important than intelligence"
    A hopefull sign for conceptualists.[​IMG]

  18. MSman

    MSman Member

    There r supposily 4 dimensions, the 4th being time. We r almost fully in the 3rd dimension, but we r slightly in the 4th. If we could merge ourselves farther into the 4th, we could truely manipulate time.
  19. skibadee

    skibadee Member

    manipulating time is possible, you can with acid, lsd, magic mushrooms, salvia and many more, so there must be another way, teleports are also possible one day in another 20000 years. rinse out bo.
  20. DaveHT

    DaveHT Member

    If you read up on string theory there are 10 dimensions. Try thinking about that many! It frys your brain trying to imagine more than 4.

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