Time for a change and like MMP let Cali take next step

Discussion in 'Cannabis Legal and Security Issues' started by medicalbud, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. medicalbud

    medicalbud Member

    The State of California is 40 billion in the red

    Now the state is willing to make cuts on
    the sickest
    The poorest
    Tax refunds will come late
    This is just to name a few he has tossed a round.

    Instead of hurting the hurting already let do this...

    Right now there's more than 300,000+that have a MMP card and care taker card for one reason or another in California.

    400+clubs in one state. More not set up legal

    Its now California #1 crop over wine.

    MMP clubs have to pay a permit like a liquor store very costly

    The rents are just as costly

    They pay taxes

    MMP card holders put out allot of money too.
    to see doctor to ok you for the card is anywhere from $90 to I saw as high as $200 one time but avg is $125 -$150

    Then the card at city hospital in San Francisco for a disabled person $25 not disabled $50
    Its yearly no longer 2 years.

    MMP is a new money maker for this state and if they want to hit a jack pot just make it legal in state for all.

    The only money the state will lose is $25-$50 for the cards but if legal more nite life more visitors to the city.

    The state will save money millions on all the busted pot users

    every year in USA there 770-800,000 busted for weed nd alot get time.

    Just in my state that will save million.

    Also it makes it safer for the person going to get weed to smoke.

    The clubs are like fine wine store so much to pick from one can get dizzy.
  2. Travis34

    Travis34 Member

    It sure sounds good, I just doubt it though.

    Thinking of all the money a state could, save and earn from it, it seems like it would be wise to do in a time like now.

    For example, how much does it cost to keep someone in jail? Then how much could they spend on it if it were legal.

    Now multiply that by 50, assuming all states would do it. It seems like a no-brainer. I'm sure there would be some possible way in the near future for someone to present some sort of plan like that to the higher ups.

    But anyways, say you lived in Cali, how do you get an MMP card?

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