Tibet protests

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by weedwhacker, Mar 17, 2008.

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    Hmm, thats interesting.

    The last big news story around here was the truck full of cows that tipped over.

    The cows escaped and ran into a neighbourhood. Then the cops shot one of the cows :( . It took the cops 4 hours to round them up..

    Well atleast we now know cows are smarter than pigs.
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    HAHA!! Just don't engourage them to much, no one wants another referendum [​IMG]
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    Who said it wasn't? But it's a lot more complicated than we invade and take the oil. The whole idea was to set up another friendly STABLE oil state to give us cheap and plentiful crude. But you can't get crude when the country is in civil war. Therefore US interests are actually in line with the Iraqi's, at least in terms of security.

    I put quotes around it for a reason, to emphasise the irony/sarcasm. Of course the US controls the Iraqi govt, but at least we pretend like we don't, and they DO have a degree of autonomy, needless to say it's a lot more than the Tibetan Govt (oh right, they're in exile).

    That's the Chinese reasoning. The Tibetans believe that the decades (centuries?) of self-rule made them a soveriegn nation. And there's your conflict. I happen to side with the Tibetans, just because you once lorded over a people doesn't mean that you can come back in and claim that right whenever you please.

    That same logic applies to the Mexicans and Indians you brought up. Sure the US took it illegally and injustly, but that was years ago; history. They have no rights over the land that their ancestors owned, just as the Chinese have no rights over the Tibetan lands their ancestors once ruled.
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    Once again reckless rick, send me the blueprints to your time machine, and I'll go back and fix it. you are as bad as a woman bringing up old arguments. How do you expect us to change the things our ancestors did?

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