Three Part Dream

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by psycdelcdragon, May 15, 2004.

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    I had this really cool dream the other night. In the first part of it me and a couple of people-I knew them in the dream but i don't know them in real life- were in the jail. But it wasn't like a regular jail....It was more like a castle dungeon, with stone walls and gates and everything. anyway, we hadn't been...registered, i a cop....the jail was in present times....and we escaped some how. Then we went to this townhouse in a complex, but we were still screwed, 'cause i had left my wallet and some other stuff at the jail. In the second part, i was younger than i am now and my parents were criminal....not bad people, like killers or anything, but still criminals....and my mom was a pretty heavy drinker. We were being brought in by two cops. We were in a regular van, their weren't bars or anything seperating us from the cops. Me, my mom, and my dad were sittin in the back and he said something funny so we were laughing. the cop that was driving looked in the rear view mirror and was like "Is their something funny goin on?" and my dad said "yeah I'll show you". then he was leanin over the driver directing him to someplace and all of a sudden he backhands the passenger cop and he falls over. Then my dads fightin with the driving cop and my mom and me were talkin about using brains over strength to solve problems. the cop that fell over got up and was about to attack my dad so i hit him in his lower back and he passed out. Then in the third part we were at this house that belonged to a friend that lived two house down from me when i lived in DC. I went upstairs cause i had to use the bathroom and on the hallway beside the stairs their was a bed and dresser and the only was to get around was to climb around on the railing....then i woke up

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