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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by Misha, May 12, 2004.

  1. Misha

    Misha Member

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has a copy of the threads for I tried to get one but she is no longer selling them. I was just wondering if anyone would mind making me a copy and I would pay the cost for the printing and mailing of the book.
  2. dread_wannabe

    dread_wannabe Member

    what kind of book is that?:confused: :eek:
  3. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Is she permnently not selling the book or just for now. The last time I looked at her web site it said she would not be selling it because she was moving but she would offer it again after she got moved.

    I have the book but would not want to undercut the author if she will be selling it again soon. I'll see what I can find out.

    For the second poster, it is a sort of instruction book on how to make hippie type clothes.

  4. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    I just checked her web site. It still says she will offer it again soon. If she doesn't offer it in month or so check back with me. I just don't want to deprive the author of her rightful share.

  5. Paz

    Paz Member

    whats the website that sells the book?
  6. lovelyweapon

    lovelyweapon Member

  7. Dolphin~Rider

    Dolphin~Rider Member

    Thank you, LovelyWeapon.
  8. amber

    amber Member

    I wish that girl would put her email address on her site~ I sent her a money order for a book while she was selling them and I still haven't received it and haven't heard anything from her. I don't have any way of getting in touch with her & it make things a heck of a lot easier if she'd put some way of contacting her on her site. Plus I don't know how to go about getting my money back from the money order if she didn't get it... Well if any of you folks know how to get in touch with Lauren lemme know
  9. Pharoah

    Pharoah Member

    Have you tried snail mail?
  10. amber

    amber Member

    I don't have her address anymore unfortunately
  11. lovelyweapon

    lovelyweapon Member

    You're welcome, Dolphin!

    Also, her e-mail is for anyone who needs to get a hold of her.
  12. ycats_79

    ycats_79 Member

    ;) I have a different address for the "Threads for Heads".
    Am not sure which one would be more useful. I'm also looking for the book, but am unwilling to pay the prices on e-bay. Would be willing to buy or trade for the book. Have a peaceful day.
  13. Flutterby

    Flutterby Member

    I really think that the patchymama@hotmail is the correct address, and honestly Lauren has put togehter such an awesome book that supporting her by buying the book directly off her site (which I believe as of the 11th of August, she's selling again) Getting the book off ebay is going to cost you a lot more, and Lauren doesn't see any of that money. I would make you a copy of mine but I just moved and not all of my things have arrived yet. Best of luck!
    You might try the barter board at They are always trading for that book on there.
  14. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

  15. mellimel19

    mellimel19 Member

  16. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    i got my copy in the mail today...

    wow its an amazing book...very informational
  17. i got this book about 2 years ago, and it is such a helpful book. It'd right next to my sewing machine and I always am looking at it to helpful hints and tips. She did a realy good job and I would reccoment it to any beginner!!! And the little drawings she does make it so much easier to understand the thing's that sound complicate just by reading. I love it!!

    Thank you Lauren!

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