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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by attackmole, May 10, 2004.

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    This is a cool russian myth i found while doing a school project.

    On the Amur River, in the tribe of the Nanai, the ones who most loved to fight were the men of the Beldy clan. They were always rushing off to attack another clan’s village, or defending themselves from a clan that had come for revenge. They neglected hunting and fishing just because of war. It got so bad that the whole clan felt lost when they weren’t fighting, and because of this, there were fewer and fewer of them left every year.

    In this tribe a pair of twins was born. Their names were Chubak and Udoga. The Beldies honored the boys because they thought. This was smart to do because at the age of five, the twins were already wiser than the whole village, so men and women would come to them for advice.

    One day, a Beldy hunter found that one of his animal traps had been sprung, but the animal was missing. He could tell from these signs that the animal was a weasel and it had been taken by a man of the Zaksuli clan.

    The hunter told the Beldy chief. The chief roared “this is a great insult! Prepare for war!” All the Beldy men rushed off eagerly to get ready their spears, knives, bows and arrows. The chiefs wife cried “Not again! Is a weasel worth killing and dying for?” “We are men,” the chief replied, “must a man not fight?” “You are men! Must a man be stupid?” she cried.

    The chiefs wife went to consult with the Chubak and Udoga. “Tell the men to stay home” she pleaded. “We will see what we can do” they replied.

    Not long after, the men also came to the twins Chubak told them “Never has a clan been so insulted! If the thief had taken a sable we might be able to forgive him. But a weasel skin is worthless. It must have been just to shame us. We will not let them shame us.” “But we must be careful!” Udoga continued, “The Zaksulis are so evil that the place where they live is evil too. We must not let this evil touch us. We must take a vow not to eat any food or drink a single drop of water from their land.

    When they arrived at the Zaksulis village, they realized that a Zaksulis scout must have saw them, because everyone was hiding inside. The Beldies decided to wait for them to come out. The next morning the Zaksuli men did not come out. But the women came out with big sticks. They would beat the men, but the Beldies were honorable men and would not hurt a woman.

    Day after day, the Beldies were brave and continued taking their beatings from the woman of the village. Eventually, the Beldies food ran out, but they remembered their vow and would not eat any food from this land. Then their water ran out, but they were still brave. Eventually, the Zaksuli chief appeared.

    “Please, can’t we talk and settle this without fighting?” the chief asked. “You must give us a gift” Chubak replied. Udoga demanded “you must give us…..A SKIN OF A WEASEL!!!” The Beldie chief replied “Why is that such a great gift. Is that why we suffered? For a skin of a weasel?” “A weasel skin sent us to war,” the twins replied, “Why shouldn’t it send us home?”

    After that, all the men in the tribe were so afraid of war that they never went to war again.

    I think its cool, and teaches you a lot of good stuff.
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    Hey, just wanted to say hi to another albertan.
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    oooh im an albertan!! so is sunburst! she lives like a block away :p
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    ok then
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    I didnt actually read it.. I just thought it looked long and it was old so I brought it back.. lol.... ermmms whats it about? LOL
  7. Burbot

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    i didnt read it either...hello fellow "Ralph World" inhabitants...

    we shoudl hijack this thread to be our own :rolleyes:
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    we juest did.

    I'm like.... stoned.
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    haha woops
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    i didn't read it either reading is fun when you have a good book
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    hahaha... trey anastasio.
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    heh my friends russian...when we're out its like "hey whats that hot girl whose possibly a movie star doing with that hobo" good times...good times...

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