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Discussion in 'People' started by mystical_shroom, May 13, 2004.

  1. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    :eek: I was driving home yesterday and I had my friend Matthew with me and we were at a stop light to get onto the highway. And the car behind me was so far up my ass that they could've whispered sweet nothings in my ear....
    So, we get the arrow to go and this punk ass kid in a Benz, which you know is his parents, zooms around me almost running me off the road and cuts me off to where i almost hit him. This kid truley looked like he belonged on Jenny Jones or Springer, him and his hoodlum friends. And so they are in front of me, and start braking constantly and one of the little bastards stuck his head out and geez he looked like he was 16, and he was pointing at the nearest exit and was yelling bitch and wanted us to get off at the exit to fight or something. I yelled that i was going to call his mommy. And these little punks would leave us alone and so we just got off at the next exit cause they were braking in front of us.
    I mean what the hell, I am almost like ten years older then them, they thought they were so cool, they were scary. Kids today are scarier then hell. What happened. Damn crazy kids...
  2. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    yuck... that really sucks. Kids have alot of nerve anymore. No respect for anyone! When I went to school I couldn't believe the rude things I'd hear kids saying they've done. Hopefully the world will get better and those jerks will get some sense slapped into them.
  3. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    Earthy mama I couldnt agree with you more...
    Its like when I was in school it was so different, now kids are scary.
    You've shoulda seen these kids...they looked like they havent even hit puberty yet and they were cursing, spitting, and calling me a bitch...which doesnt bother me, the part that bothers me is what if i was crazy, these punk kids didnt know who i was, i mean come on get some sense. I wanted to call their mom so bad, thats what i told them...what a bunch of nerds who almost killed us by doing something so pointless and stupid...dumbass kids..
  4. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    lol too bad u didn't know their mommies! You should have taken the liscense plate number and reported them to the local police because they could have seriously hurt u. That way their parents would have found out! lol
  5. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    I feel the same way.In fact when i see someone who is not wanting to be gangsta and looks and acts more loving and earthy i about freak out.One thing i have noticed is if you look at history there has and allways will be some subgroup to what is the norm.The 60 it was hippys and today there are earth firstest,freaks and nature lovers all over the world.But i think when looking back when i was in school and labeled a burn out or hippy were does all this anger come from.Is it the parents or the times we live in now that breads this nonharmony in folks.I still drive and and get made when i see some girl acting like she is a gangsta or how kids now days seem more full of anger when they seem to me to have more than i did at there age.Wow knows were this starts.One thing is for sure i bless each day that there is a more growing movment of sistahs and brothers like you both.We need more of you.
  6. It's really sad that kids think they can behave this way. Even little kids are more vulgar and it's so sad! One day I was stopped at a stop sign and there were 4 kids who were crossing the street, they looked like they were about 8 years old. They were laughing and smiling and smiled at me, so I said, "hi kids" and then on of the kids took this stick that he had in his hand and held it to his crotch and said to me, "Wanna lick?" then the kids all started laughing. I couldn't believe it!! I was speechless. I know that it isn't as extreme as the original post here, but I'm sure that these kids are on their way to trying to run people off the road.
    Another story about dirty mouth kids: I was on my balcony at my apartment and there were these two kids (around 7 or 8) walking to the store down the street. One kid says to the other kid, "How much money did your mom give you?" Then the other kid said, "A dollar", then the first kid said, "A Dollar?? She'd suck my dick for a dollar"!! What are parents teaching their kids???
  7. sassure

    sassure Member

    It all points to irresponsible, selfish, negligent parents. I shudder to think what THESE kids will "teach" their own kids.....should they live long enough to have them.
  8. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    I think it's the parents as well. More and more I see parents with their young kids in public and the just do whatever they want! I used to work in a little pizza place and kids would run wild in there. I was constantly having to make sure I wasn't tripping over them ( and I'm not talking chucky cheese). Kids are not receiving the attention that they need from their parents.
  9. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    I remember when I was a youngin' if I did any of the stuff I see kids do now, I wouldnt be here today, my parents would have killed me. I knew better than that.
    Its just really sad to see todays youth so old. I mean they should be playing toys building forts, now they are using cell phones(i didnt get a cell phone till I was 20) these little kids are getting cell phones, for what..still amazes me.

    And fizzy I so know what you nowadays are so so vulgar. They say things that me today would never say. Little boys grabbing there crotch, saying suck it or lick it and little girls dressing like strippers and wearing makeup at the age of 8..Its amazing how much the world has changed.

    thanks for your replies:)...I am glad I am not the only one that feels this way..
  10. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    I hate when they are just running around buck wild, and just tearin up the place. And the parents just sit there not saying or doing anything...
  11. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    yup it def. has to do with the parents... I noticed that a while ago and make it a point to tell my babys (who don't talk) to say thank u(when someone hands them things) so when they do talk it will come second nature to use manners. Croix recently started trying to say it(hes almost 2)! yay! lol Little kids scare me anymore, I don't want mine playing with them. I know its mean but I'm def. a "tattle-tail" (since I've had my kids) when it comes to anyone under the age of 18 doing anything disrespectful. I did a lot of growing up and realizing how cruel the world can be. I'm not up-tight about it I just think they need to realize their actions can and will come back to them. No bad deed should go un-punished, lol.
  12. Kids freak me out, all snorting coke off of eachothers necks. BLECH! It's weird that I'm writing about freaky kids right now because there's like some todlers screamin bloody murder outside of my house right now. Seriously, they sound like they are getting murdered and it's really wigging me out.
  13. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

    I know exactly how you feel. I don't have any kids but I do have an almost 2 year old sister and she's the sweetest little kid, she says "Kankoo!" for "Thank You!" and I don't want the world to "poison" her like so many little kids today are.

    I know I'm a bit young to be all "Oh, kids these days!" because I'm still kind of a kid but it's so weird to see people my age having sex and cell phones and all this other stuff... not to mention the littler ones, there was this sweet little third grade girl I met a few weeks ago and she was all "I love my boyfriend!" :eek:

    I actually don't understand most teenagers even though I am one myself. Like that running-off-the-road thing, I just don't get it... Do they realise the consequences? People could have been killed! :(
  14. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    lmfao! sweet nothings!!! LMFAO
  15. mvmcd1950

    mvmcd1950 mvmcd1950

    are young people getting more toxic?
  16. Kista

    Kista Member

    I blame the parents. My parents were strict on me, I did have phone by the time I was 12, but it was only to call my parents, they gave me about 10mins a month for it too! So if I ran out, too bad for me. This allowed me to manage my phone better in life (such as now). My parents honestly did spoil me but they whipped my ass in school, wouldnt allow me to party, nor stay out late nor see boys etc. I learned a lot from them, I earned respect from them and I respect that. But the world seems so disgusting now. Without my parents, I probably would have ended up a wreck.

    When I see kids now, they make me sick, Im too young to have any of my own - Im still im college, but wow I just want to slap them into behaving. I honestly think parents need to be stricter but keep a communication level with their kids. I remember one time, I was walking past a group of 9-10 year old kids that said something very sexual to my friend and me (we were in highschool then, and she has a little sister). We asked them to repeat themself and they came out with something witty with swear words. She grabbed them all by their shirts and gave them a damn talk that made them shut up. I recently had to talk to a kid who was about 9 who was running around my hallway screaming and bouncing balls to go outside or to do it inside his own room, he gave me a smart re-mark back, suprisingly his older bother (about 13) understood and made him be quiet... We need more kids like that.
  17. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Oh jeez I live in a pretty small town... there's really nothing to do here so the kids and teens are so bored they just get into trouble. They're really horrible, rude little hellions. I thought when I first noticed it that it was just me... but no! They come into my workplace, are rude and disrespectful, and very vulgar. Even walking down the sidewalk I've had kids as young as 9 make vulgar gestures and say vulgar things to me... things they shouldn't even know of yet!
  18. FritzDaKatx2

    FritzDaKatx2 Vinegar Taster

    This is what happens when a society places too many safeguards against Social Darwinism.

  19. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude HipForums Supporter

    Kids have attitudes and think they are better then others,its sad :(
  20. white dove

    white dove Member

    And when they have kids?

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