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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Chongo Blanco, May 16, 2004.

  1. Megara

    Megara Banned

    I agree, we should act within the UN when possible. I agree with bushes threat of war to get inspectors into iraq. Despite saddam continuing to dick th world around...i think bush should have given them a few more times to get more people to support us...we waited 12 years, what was 2 more months?

    However, there are times when the UN failed...Kosovo was a good many thousands of muslims died because the UN failed? The UN is not perfect. We shoudl try to work with it when possible. But we must realize that there are times when the UN fails...and when action is needed. Now whether iraq qualified as one of those times..i do not konw
  2. Skyzar

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    So you are saying we should agree with the UN but only when we want to?

    So what kind of a UN is that? I've said this infact =)....nice little image, it makes UN the posting office for rubber stamping American ideas, to give them a tiny ounce of legitamacy on most occasions, and when we dont like what the other 180 or so countries have to say about us...fuk em?
  3. Skyzar

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    How bout we create an entirely unique Peace keeping country funded on nothing but its own creations that do not harm the world in anyway, no man is in charge but say...the entire population has a choice in the affairs of the country...that country has no outside communication with other countries..but has the ability to spy at whoever, whenever. And its laws are INTERNATIONALLY accepted with no backtalk, and its army, that will assassinate any government it wishes, the 500 people are not alowed to contact anyone outside of the nation and they make up a completly seperate language that no one else can understand. So basically they are the ultimate peace keepers..provided they are Good people =DD...wouldn't that be awsome? complete freedom? Always know when u r doing evil deeds, but u never know when they will act, so u cant prepare....ooooooh if only...
  4. Megara

    Megara Banned

    Essentially yes. Thats how the UN has worked for 50+ years. People ignore it when it suits them. While i dont agree with it...and in a perfect world the UN could solve all the world problems. It however is not a perfect world and the UN can NOT solve all the problems. I am not arguing that the US should just brazenly ignore everything the UN says...quite the opposite infact...i think we just need to realize that there are times where the UN Kosovo. The UN plan FAILED in handling that and thousands upon thousands died needlessly because of it. Thankfully the US and Nato stepped in and ignored the UN and attacked the Country. An act, which Kofi Annan praised.
  5. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    Skyzar, you asked, "How did we know Saddam didn't comply?" Well if he would have complied, there would have been no reason to pass 16 more UN resolutions.- If you look throughout the past 12 years, you can see that Saddam exploited global events in relation to his defiance. Look at the history of Operation Desert Fox. Saddam waited until the U.S. and its allies were busy preparing for operations in Yugoslavia. Saddam wasn't stupid. He knew if the U.S. was going to act in 2003, they had to do it before the scorching summer heat. So....he delayed inspectors just long enough. But after seeing what he had done so many times before, we knew what he was up to. This had been admitted by defected Iraqi generals.

    -I know this brings up a whole new shitstorm of controversy, but in light of 9/11 and the US policy regarding terrorist states, we were not going to fuck around with Iraq any more.
  6. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    don't know enough about the kosovo thing.

    But if countries can get past the security council decisions, shouldn't the whole UN thing be re-organised and be thought out more fully for present day situation - eg france permenant member..more peaceful countries who are not hated should be included with more power so that single countries are not afraid to oppose super powers? UN veto magigy isn't working...israel also breaking many un resolution --America vetos everytime...nothing is done..i guess thats why there are suicide bombers? give em some tanks..and they would use tanks...? --

    - yeah i know i go off-topic and swing by a lot of things..just trying to work it out while i type =D
  7. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    Do you have any links to these un resolutions with dates? id like to see them -- no sarcasm intended. and pretty sure Sadam knew he would never win the war?

    were the resolutions brought after the first gulf war, and what was the reasons for the resolutions....i seem to remember someone killing himself about this, someone with more knowledge and understanding about the UN and their inspectors and resultions (then u or i, i'm sure) and im pretty sure he was very respected too..what was his name? Dr kelly or something
  8. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    "We are not going to fuck around with Iraq anymore" dam fucking straight. firstly NO one would accept it now, and besides...there gonna be any oil just sorry for the people of the next country on americas hit list
  9. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    Skyzar, are you really 15? If so, that is great that you are getting involved in what's going on in the world. You are absolutely right about the flaws in the UN. I think the problem is that if a country (U.S.) goes above the UN for a cause they believe is just, then who is going to stop the next country that goes above the UN for cause they believe is just. Something needs to be done, but I'm afraid with greed, politics, and religion a factor, there isn't much hope. I hate to be a pecimist, but honestly, what can be done?????
  10. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    yeah lol..were all going to die >____<
  11. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    yeah i know ...heard this " we never went to the moon" radio conversation...didn't beleive it so far with the just raised so many ideas that i had never considered before....what if the government was lying to us? they could do it? its not like they are priests...and they could control the media tax blah to convince us too? that would be scary .... and i guess it does happen, but we can't force people to believe what other people have to say..especially when they wont give us the time of day..but why should they?If life sucks for us...imagine how bad it is for troops...iraqi/palestinian civilians etc
  12. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    According to defected Iraqi generals, Hussein never actually believed the coalition forces were going to take Baghdad. He thought he could hide out in his bunkers and withstand the air strikes and then the regime would be left standing. Don't know the validity of this, but....It makes sense I guess. There definitely seemed to be a lot of confusion with the Iraqi Army command structure. Or lack there of.

    -Here is a link that may help.
  13. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    oh yeah it just an american site i guess i can believe what they say..but they word it very..........widely..........what do they mean unrestricted access....say..he did provide unrestricted would he prove it? and im pretty sure that he would be annoyed if they start going into his palace and shitting in his toilet etc...oh...and with all americas intelligence..could we not have simply JUST assasinated or captured Sadam..? unfair when you think about it..but much better then raging war killing 10s of thousands of iraqi civilians...and not to menion how many "enemies" were killed too. a lot of these enemies are ordinary iraqis, who have had their families killed, or their homes destroyed or are simply against the invaders? Wouldn't you be fukd if that happened to us? ...but it never will..we're americans :DDplz read what i say :DDD i know im just stfu and respect ma authorita
  14. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    -UNSC resolutions were written so that not one country (US or Britain) could declare Iraq as non-compliant. Only the directors of UNMOVIC and the IAEA could declare Iraq in breach. Testimonies from UNMOVIC and IAEA inspectors stated that they were only allowed to visit certain sites at certain times and so on.... Blah blah blah.....
    -In 1998 the CIA had an agent named Robert Baer that was working with Kurdish opposition forces in an attempt to overthrow Hussein. While waiting for the go-ahead, they got urgent news from the White House: Return to the U.S. immediately. Baer and other officers faced federal charges for organizing an attempt to assasinate a head of state. (A game that the U.S. definitely does not want to get involved in seeing that they have the worlds most powerful leader at stake.) The operation was called off and the opposition lost its faith in the U.S. Just for reference, this did take place during the Clinton administration.
    -The Iraq war is very tragic and it is unfortunate that there are so many casualties in an attempt to gain the greater good for the future of Iraq, but then again, our country lost hundreds of thousands in our history to gain the freedom we have. I guess like the old saying goes, "freedom isn't free".
  15. I don't know if it 's a question of right or wrong, but I think that the only thing to be done at the moment is to bring the troops home. I don't see what it is helping to have them over in Iraq. More and more innocent deaths are happening whether they are there or not and after what has been happening wiht all the toruture and beheading. It has to end. The soldier are not going to rebuild anything with the way the situation is over there now. We need some sort of petition to bring them back, or we need to add on to one that's already been started. This can't turn into another Vietnam.
  16. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    "The Iraq war is very tragic and it is unfortunate that there are so many casualties in an attempt to gain the greater good for the future of Iraq, but then again, our country lost hundreds of thousands in our history to gain the freedom we have. I guess like the old saying goes, "freedom isn't free"."

    OH ffs im sorry, but i am sick of that bullshit? That makes you WORSE then Saddam, because we are aware of what Saddam was doing and we try to help the country by killing shit loads more ppl? "ooh but he killed some too?" thats not fucking justifying killing thousands, THOUSANDS more -_- tbh...our army are terrorists...hate to say it...but -___- admit it. notice how no one accepts the war being called a liberilisation internationally, but always an occupation?
  17. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    What the fuck is a liberilisation?
  18. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    yeah sorry no sleep liberation
  19. Skyzar

    Skyzar Member

    holiday in england atm....dam dog was fighting with the other one..been up all night its like 05:24 here
  20. Balbus

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    You make my point for me.

    I say the US is not a team player

    you say no country is

    I point out that the very countries you give as examples are actually working together

    You come back by saying that they might work together (which destroys your own argument) but the US is not going to be part of that (which backs me up in my argument).

    Well done man and thanks again for showing you were wrong and I was right.

    You express a lot of my own beliefs but while you see them as beneficial I believe that that is just delusional wishful thinking.
    I also believe that Iraq was chosen for strategic reasons and that very little or nothing was thought about the Iraqi people. I see this as the major problem with the US’s involvement in the region.

    You and others seem to think you can impose a government on the Iraqi people and not be resented for it. The fact that you are open is commendable but even when the US government tries to hide the fact it is still clear. The thing is resentment becomes outrage, dislike, hate. I think that is likely only to make the US and Americans less safe.


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