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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by friendsfreak, Sep 2, 2005.

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    I have another dream.
    Rachel and Ross are getting married (yay) and Joey is hosting it. It's a bit like an awards show. It's on a big stage with a huge audience. I'm there to sing a song for the wedding. Joey then calls on important people to come on to the stage, including the spice girls. I really dont know why. But he's talking to them, and there is no marriage happening.
    Then the dream switches and I'm lying in my bed. I can move, but all i can see is what i would be seeing if i was lying in my bed looking strait. The spice girls are in my room, and I get the feeling that I'm incredibly sick. I want to get up, so I try. But I can sill only see what I was seeing before, so i cant even tell that I'm moving. The creepiest part is, I'm walking around my room, and my body is still on my bed. That's actually how I can tell that I'm moving, because as I try to ove, I feel resistance, but my hand is moving down the arm on my bed. I'm getting closer and closer to the door, and finally I'm out of the room. Now, I can mainly only see the view from lying on my bed, but at the same time I can see bits of what's actually around me. There are some spice girls in the room that I'm in. It's at this moment that I think I might be blind. I try to move, but i still cant see or feel myself moving. It's like the air is stopping me from going anywhere. I'm really scared when I wake up. It was such a relief to turn my head and find that I could still see things.
    I have no idea what this dream might mean. It was soo creepy. Does anybody know?

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