This Is Why We Need More Fat Shaming

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Fueled by Coffee, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. autophobe2e

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    I never said that there was no such thing as an obesity crisis in the US, I said that the article was misleading.

    It follows the classic formula.

    Stage 1: decide on your position and conclusion before beginning research (in this case, "Universities are full of libtard cuck social marxists who want us all to be gay and eat kale.")

    Stage 2: Find a story about some trivial bullshit. Preferably something that no-one in their right mind would give two shits about (in this case, an instance of a university removing scales from a gym a part of a scheme to encourage people to think about their health in a holistic way, rather than through just weight measurement (fairly reasonable) and some complaints from boxers and rowers who need the scales as wieght is important to their particular sport (again, fairly reasonable)

    Stage 3: hmm, sounds like a pretty dull story about some minor beurocracy that doesn't mean a fucking thing...yawnsville. Don't worry, we'll put it through our bullshit machine until it spits internet rage gold with the genius of stage 5. Hold onto yer hats!

    Stage 4: Have one of your "reporters" trawl through a facebook comment section until you find a comment from a complete nobody (in this case, just some first year) which most conforms to the stereotype we established in stage 1. Bonus points if you can find one that includes one of our bonus words for the day like "triggering".

    Stage 5: Here's the genius bit: Word the title in such a way that readers will assume that the views of this random first year are the views of the university itself and form part of its official policy. Hey presto! now we've got a story that furthers our editorial narrative about the creeping influence of leftist double-agents who want to turn us all into mexicans or something. We've elevated the views of some random first year to the level of university policy and elevated a dull story that frankly would have commanded less than two inches in the student newspaper of that particular college into an event OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE.

    Stage 6: remove satan's cock from the back of your throat, cleaning any remaining jism with a document about journalistic ethics.

    Stage 7: Write some absurd bile about firing all the members of staff involved in the decision and anyone who agrees with it. Next week, we'll be showing you how to write a story about how leftists on campus are stifling the rights to free speech of others.

    Stage 8: refuse to see any irony in this.
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  2. Meliai

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    ^simply wonderful post

    Now go forth, be gay, and eat kale, young triggered snowflakes
  3. Dental_Floss

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    shaming works for some and not for others, it's all about perspective. If you are a very proud person fat shaming will probably work, if you are of low self esteem it will only make you feel worse. Fat shaming is not the answer for all is my point, however everyone has trigger points so it's finding those trigger points to motivate people to lose weight. I am a skinny guy in a fat body these days, always was skinny and very active until I had a surgery at 22 and put on 30 pounds or so in a 6 month period (2 surgueries 4 months apart). I still have the skinny mindset just not the body, last time I was on a good pace (lost 20 pounds) I met a girl who cooked really well and would always over feed me and I felt I needed to eat it ugh!! I recently gave up beer and over a few months lost 11 pounds and have kept it off for 6 months now.

    That really is key, fat people need to give up 1 item thats causing them to stay fat, even if its only 5 lbs you lose because of it you're on the right track and now you can find a 2nd item to eliminate or something to replace that with (like parm cheese? try fake parm instead, cashews and garlic). What ALWAYS seems to be overlooked is excersise!! Running a mile is way out of your realm at the moment, how bout walking a mile a day and doing some jump rope... 1 hour of jump rope burns aprox 900 calories so even 15 min of jump rope burns off a 12 oz coke that you shouldn't be drinking anymore cause you're trying to lose weight. Also if you really are serious about losing give up ALL carbonated water beverages they crush your metabolism.
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  4. Moonglow181

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    Why shame anyone for anything? What has it got to do with you or how you choose to live your life?....what someone else does?....who someone else is? ect......
    If someone tries to shame me for anything....i can think of 100 reasons to shame what you give is what you will get.

    I have a friend who just sent me a few grand worth of dolls in a package. She is at least 350 pounds and bound in a wheel chair due to it. I want her to live a long time. She has a heart of gold....and as a friend of mine, I care about her very much....I have for quite a few years now. i never met her, but I talk to her on the phone regularly...have seen photos of her by herself playing with a doll , combing the doll's hair or whatever, while the group she was with were off to the side ignoring her.

    I find no reason to shame her. I do find reasons to care about her, though....and she is one of the nicest people I have ever spoken with.
    She never puts anyone down.
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  5. Bjursten

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    See folks, it's not just fat shaming. I'm slim too, and I've had people shame me for it. I concur with the above quote.

    What people define as there preferred body size is always the size they want everyone else to be at.

    STOP SHAMING PEOPLE, PEOPLE! You're on a hippy forums, where love and peace should be the driving factor here and in our lives. There is no room for shaming in Love.

    Education is the answer, not hate and shaming.
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  6. Adamskiffle

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    Encouragement, honesty and education are the keys.....shaming might work for some but for many others it really won't.....some goes with any problem really.
  7. themnax

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    the only thing that needs to be shamed are hyper aggressive neo nazi wannabees.

    lots of problems exist. impatience happens.

    just that anger and hate, or even mild prejudice about things too many people these days don't even seem to realize are forms of being prejudicial,
    don't do the world, nor the person who expresses them, any favors.

    i guess one can always find a wall to beat their head against,
    but diversity is going to go right on being the only nature reality intrinsically has,
    no matter how many humans do what to each other.
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  8. Can someone please tell me one single "health problem" that causes the body to magically produce more calories than you burn without eating
  9. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Women in the United States are not only getting fatter but are now less likely to go on a diet
    because their getting increasing more comfortable with being fat.

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  10. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Good. They should be allowed to be comfortable with it too.

    You're gonna be fat one day you know. And if not, you're going to die anyway, just like them. :)

    So, you aren't any better for it anyway. Skinny people die early deaths from malnutrition, large people can live just as long as someone with an ideal weight.

    Your arguments are flawed, be who you want to be, it's not like you're going to get out of this world alive either way. ;)
  11. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Perhaps you missed my point these fat pigs are enabling one another and as a result
    the female population is growing increasingly towards the horizontal

    At least they're well equipped to participate in the butter dance ~ Sigh


  12. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I don't find anything wrong with the girl in that gif. That's not really obese at all. I wouldn't shame that. A belly maybe, other than that, rock on. :punk:

    I didn't laugh at it.
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  13. Asmodean

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    I think certain meds, like for depression, cause people to gain weight even if they burn enough calories.
  14. Heat

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    I have no idea why someone has not done this before as I am so sure that shaming a person is bound to have such outstanding results and motivate them to loose weight.

    My kids both attend or have attended Carleton University and their take on this was that there is only one scale in the facility and no one has to be weighed so why that is an issue is not something they feel should be. As mentioned there are some who use the facility that weight matters and not because it is a number but relevant to why they are there. My nephew is a pole vaulter who competes and a pound either way can greatly affect his performance and his safety.

    The other comment they made was there are other scales on campus, so why one is such an issue and the others are not is not logical. Health sciences and student health services all have scales.

    Personally I feel that if there was a forced or mandatory weigh in then that is unfair and I could understand people being upset by that. Since that is not the situation I feel that the scale should not be removed.

    While they do not cause the body to produce calories the following is a short list of things that can cause in some cases extreme weight gain even with reduced calories.

    Cushing's Syndrome
    Liver Disease
    Prader-Wili Syndrome
    Beta Blockers
    Diabetic Medications
    Blood Pressure Medications
    Seizure Medications
    Some Cancers
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  15. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i just try to stay skinny because i assume an extra large coffin will cost more.
  16. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    You won't be paying for it. =p
  17. Ged

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    I say rot to all body fascists.
  18. YouFreeMe

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    I've read a lot of research lately that ascertains that permanent weight loss is impossible to maintain for most people. There is a blog run by a PhD that explains a lot of the more complex literature in plain terms. Here is a post that explains their main point quite succinctly:

    The site is super pro-SJW but still have some very valid and very thorough dissection of current literature.

    Me--I don't know how I feel about the topic at hand. I'm not fat and have always found that I can easily maintain a low weight through diet and exercise, but don't see any reason to shame people who are overweight.
  19. BS
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