This Is Why We Need More Fat Shaming

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Fueled by Coffee, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. 6-eyed shaman

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    To cater to the poison known as Body Positivity, Carleton University removes physical weight scales from the locker rooms and gymnasium because the results of stepping onto the scale for some students was "too triggering."

    So we are expected to just sit back, relax, get lazy, and avoid the reality of our growing overweight epidemic that is facing America right now, because it is better to prioritize feelings over health.

    I say we should be encouraging more fat shaming, rather than encouraging the bubbles of reality denial we now call safe spaces. When you tell someone you love that they have a terrible habit like smoking, leaving the toilet seat up, not putting things away, being late all the time, talking too fast, dressing like a slob, you call them out on it. You don't ignore it, because the problem will only get worse. If you truly cared about that person, you'd prioritize their health concerns over their feelings. Yes, honey, that dress DOES make you look fat. :/
  2. Beutsecks

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    Packing on body fat is just a form of stealth prepping. Seriously, when the shit hits the fan, how long will all those skinny people last during food shortages?
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  3. Eavesdrop

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    I have a friend who has to take medications that cause excessive weight gain. Making her step on a scale won't turn her into a socially-acceptable scrawny toothpick.
  4. Ged

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    Forgive fat people, for they know not what they do
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  5. MeAgain

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    If being overweight is not due to health issues, then I agree we have too many overweight people, in the U.S. in particular.
    It's a drain on our health system and should be addressed as such, not by shaming but by education, the same thing we did with tobacco.
  6. neoprene_queen

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    Shaming is never the answer, and our so-called obesity epidemic has largely been debunked. We changed the way obesity was defined and also got older--and as most people know, you tend to gain a little weight when you get older. Plus, a demographic shift has led to more black and Latino populations, who are, naturally, when compared to white people, larger.

    People who are overweight know they are overweight, and calling them fat or taking away scales won't change that. But encouraging fat shaming in the name of health is like encouraging racism in the name of homogeny.
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  7. Bjursten

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    Seriously? I do not deny that being obese is bad for you, and bad for others. I think everyone just about knows that.

    However shaming is not standing on the side of love what so ever. If there is one thing you could learn from life, it's that standing on the side of love is all that matters. Regardless of what you believe, atheist or not, whatever we came from, our "creator" most definitely does not approve of shaming, period end of story. Don't whip out your Bible, half that book is a joke. But look at what just about every genuine good person did: rejected shaming, rejected greed, rejected power, preached compassion, preached love. Do you somehow think shaming fat people will work? It won't, it didn't 50 years ago, it doesn't today.

    Education, compassion, and love are the answer. It's plenty okay to say kindly to someone; "Hey man you're a great friend but I'm worried about you. Not trying to be rude but you're packing on a lot weight; is everything okay? It's not really healthy and I'm worried for you." That is going to work out better for you and them in nearly every circumstance.
  8. pensfan13

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    How many black people from africa do you see as naturally larger when you see them?
  9. rollingalong

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    2 out of 3 americans have now become 4 out of 5 americans

    ------bob and tom show
  10. morrow

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    It's education that is needed!
    When you see a large person! That person is being fed by someone!
    That someone is taking responsibility for feeding that person!
    That person is the one that needs educating!
    I have to admit, if you go to America, restaurants, and eating places, serve vast amounts of food, even McDonald's is bigger than most other countries, why?
    It's education that's needed!
    Bring back cookery lessons to school, food technology, educate the people!
    Also, stop companies adding masses of sugar to food!
    Stop children from eating this stuff, if the feeder can't do it, then it has to be taken out from the manufacturer point!
    But it's not just America, it's across the world..
    We all need to take a look at what's in our food! We are responsible for children's diet..
    It's giving them and us health problems..And it needs correcting now!
  11. autophobe2e

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    This article is the most misleading pile of shit that I have read in a very long time.

    Actually, that's not true. this sort of thing is becoming more and more representative of online journo hacks.
  12. Meliai

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    I dont really see an issue with removing the scales. The scales are in a gym, now they're not in a gym, people are still going to the gym. so obviously the lack of scales doesnt mean gym-goers are encouraged to sit at home instead and be lazy.

    I know from watching a friend drop 70 lbs in a year that she occassionally hits a weight plateau and stops losing weight and the scale really discourages her at this point. And it isnt because she isnt making progress, it is because she is gaining muscle mass so the scale doesnt tell a truthful story. In her mind pounds equate to fat but this just isnt true.

    How one looks and feels is the true story, not what the scales say.

    Also there are so many reasons for the obesity epidemic in the US - lack of nutritional education, lack of cooking skills, lack of time to cook, geographic proximity to a grocery store vs fast food restaurants (see food deserts), budget considerations, mental health, etc. I really dont think people are obese simply because we arent making them feel bad enough about themselves..
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  13. I'minmyunderwear

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    i assume this school also removed its mirrors?
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  14. broony

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  15. Beutsecks

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    Lazy? Bullshit. YOU trying walking around with a hundred extra pounds everyday!
  16. broony

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    I don't need to try that. I eat right and exercise regularly.

    Every person i know who is fat doesn't do shit about it.

    So lazy, yep most definitely.
  17. broony

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    You don't gain a extra hundred pounds in 2 weeks, just like you wont loose it in two weeks.

    Make a intelligent decision towards a lifestyle change, not a diet, and you'll never have to worry about weight problems.

    Yes it requires work. Something some people just don't want to work at.
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  18. Irminsul

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    Go on folks, fat shame, but post pics of yourselves so I can pick on every flaw I find with you. :)
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  20. r0llinstoned

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    I have been shamed for being somewhat slim. I need a safe space. Can I have my own gym where I won't be slim shamed?

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