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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Bellfire01, May 30, 2004.


Well, would you?

  1. Yeah, sure I would

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  2. Yeah, if no one I knew was looking

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  3. No way!

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  1. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    Try this one out for size folks. You are out and about with family and friends and you want something to do. You decide to go to an amusement park and you see, a rather large naked person. No, the person is not real but rather a replica of a person. (male female and for those not into people an animal of some sort.) Here is the thing that makes it so groovy. You can climb in the person through the mouth and out through every concievable place you can think of to climb. That's right folks, you can climb out the nose, the ears, the butt, the navel,etc. It's up to you and your sick imagination where you chose to exit. Would you like to do something like this?
  2. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I might try it if the smells weren't lifelike. I would be afraid of getting lost in the small intestine though.
  3. MrDefiant

    MrDefiant Member

    Im guessing its a straight shot to where ever you want to go once youre inside
    so sure, why not
  4. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    Wasn't something like this on The Simpsons once? Or I could be wrong...
  5. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    I don't know. I just saw a clip of a muvie earlier where a guy was dangling from someone's nose. (It just looked like fun.)
  6. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    That's funny. lol I think I remember Homer and Bart sliding from someone's nose. I wish I knew for sure, because now this is going to bug me all evening.
  7. thisismike

    thisismike Overlooked/Uninvited

    I saw that done once on a Monty Python cartoon.
  8. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    I'd love to push the eyeball out when people are walking past and yell "ta-da!"

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