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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by ketchup_and_zeppelin, May 13, 2004.

  1. And so the story goes...

    Basically, I'm in love with my English teacher, Amy G. I flirt with her, and believe it or not she flirts with me (for the sake of helpful responses, believe it). We have this indescribable connection, when she smiles at me, I smile back, and it's just...amazing. Be that as it may, she is my teacher, and I am a student. She is also a young teacher (I'm talkin' 26 years old). Ok, so to the dilemma: I have to tell her, the question is not if I tell's when I tell her.
    Do I,
    A) Tell her this year when the feelings are still there, with the risk of this all being a figment of my imagination (which, I'm pretty sure it's not...but i don't know for sure [the essence of my dilemma]).
    - or -
    B) Wait until next year when I'm in a different school, tell her, and risk possibility that she has found someone.
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    If I was you I'd definately wait. It would suck something rotten if she found someone, but if you tell her now whilst she's your teacher and something were to happen then she would lose her job. The thought of losing her job might concern her too and she might be more wary of telling you if she likes you. Good luck!
  3. I don't know what to tell you. I myself have fallen in love with two English teachers in one teenage life, not to mention countless other coaches or women otherwise in authority, which is quite enough. So I'm familiar with the feeling, but no less informed on what can be done appropriately.

    Basically nothing is "appropriate" in the situation, so if that is of your concern, I am without advice.

    Speaking inapproriately, you could tell her flat out if you're close enough so that you know she will take you absolutely seriously.

    I know there are people in this forum who will not believe you on any count (that you're actually in love, that there's a romantic connection, that you obviously flirt). I've been there and do believe that such things can happen, but I also believe that your perceptions are terribly altered whilst in an obsessive crush - the breed of attraction that the teacher infatuation usually is. Neither of my cases were a mutual attraction, fortunately in retrospect.

    Best scenario: all your perceptions are accurate, she's a very young teacher and you're a very old student, you are apart temporarily but meet again in a few years when it is no longer an issue, fall deeply in love, make babies (or not).

    Worst scenario: you tell her, all your perceptions were fantasy, she laughs at how cute your little crush is, and is rather freaked out by the whole experience of hearing a student profess her romantic love.

    Most likely the outcome will be somewhere in between. I wish you good luck with all this...I know. It sucks.
  4. Thank you both for you're feedback.

  5. That's what I wonder too. We also have a quite attractive English teacher at our school. :p

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