This Is America

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    This Is America-
    The unknown street understood by the lowliest criminal and exploited by the most savvy business man.
    The rolling grain hills that beget our fiendish appetite.
    The fuel we give to our placated future.
    Our once had, but which soon left.
    Our forever towering structure waning in the wind.
    New elements infused delaying freefall.
    Understandable passing as understood.
    Revolts and reverts.
    Undertow in the calming tide.
    The shining lights being our North Star.
    Scorning of tradition in favor of revolution.
    Lashing tongues at encroaching evil while doing little to suppress our own.
    Ever-sinking growth.
    Torpedoes of faith and awestruck onlookers finding the path to the end.
    Weaving industrial into a merriment with what is natural.
    Our uncontrollable and unforgiving destiny in a Petri dish.
    A cataclysm of times.
    The ordaining of cubic-spheres and the whitewash of our fabrics.
    Honesty being moot and mundane.
    Realizations and visualizations.
    Twist the unkempt and corner the weary.
    Pacify the challengers and keep at bay the truth.
    Amass the ranks for they will soon be depleted.
    Scouring the bottom for the remnants of the strong.
    A puzzle of shambles set in melting adhesive.
    An alloy of the unidentified.
    The wants of hope slipping.
    Our vices becoming our victories, upstaging preemptive moral.
    Fate beckons to little resistance.
    Hesitation due to doubtfulness.
    Giving way to only phases of the moon.
    Rigor in the face of the unforeseen.
    Rectify chosen idols and silence the collective.
    Dog your values and howl.

    *written in March of 06

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