This forum does still not have the 'feel' of the old one

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by bird_migration, May 17, 2004.

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    ya click on the big the hip forum ,, takes you to index..
  2. skip

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    Until you learn how to use it that is. It's actually pretty easy once you know how.
  3. stoner oxy80

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    your right, it,s differant all right, i don,t quite feel at home here. (yet)

    but i,ll stick aroud n give it a shot.

    WOW the hip fourms been up since 1996!

    you derserve an award of some sort skip.
    i,m sure you invested alot of your time here.( for all of us)
    how bout i give you some of mine?
    i carve an paint custom wooden signs, (and other art) would you like me to carve ya a hip fourms logo?
    and i,ll ship it to ya.
  4. AceK

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    we need facepalm smiley, i can paste a gif here, but especially in chat, sometimes it would be useful to have it [​IMG].

    maybe several choices of facepalm for different degrees of facepalm

    ^triple facepalm

    come on skip, we need a facepalm smiley, please ....:D

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