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    Many people are familiar with "shock jocks" like Howard Stern and Mancow, as well as the endless cookie-cutter, political talk radio shows that infiltrate the airwaves -- be it Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken. However, there is also a lot of really interesting, informative talk radio as well, that many people are not familiar with, and I feel that some of these radio shows deserve mention.

    These shows cover topics that you're not going to hear on the mainstream news networks or read in the paper. Often, these shows deal with topics that challenge many people's beliefs and force them to question things that they may not normally consider. Because of this, I feel shows like these to be of great importance by waking people up, whether regarding the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry, or the events surrounding 9/11, or things that might be considered “paranormal” (NDE's, ghosts, UFO phenomena, remote viewing, etc.).

    Here are some shows to check out if you're ever looking for something stimulating to listen to on the radio or over the internet. Several of these shows are nationally syndicated, but if you cannot access them from where you are, they can be heard on the internet.

    Here are some of the shows:

    Coast to Coast AM with George Noory:

    This is the biggest late-night talk radio show in the United Stated and Canada, airing on over 300 markets. Chances are no matter where you live in the US, you can hear this show. Coast to Coast is hosted by George Noory, but was once hosted by Art Bell, who now only hosts on weekends.

    Coast to Coast AM is a show that deals with a wide assortment of topics; ranging from the normal to the paranormal. One night might feature a scientist discussing nanotechnology, the next might feature a UFOlogist or a remote viewer.

    Coast to Coast AM airs 7 days a week from 1-5 AM EST.


    The Jeff Rense Show:

    The Jeff Rense Show is a lot like Coast to Coast, but better. Not only does Rense have an amazing show, his website is considered to be among one of the top news sites on the internet, along with sites such as Worldnetdaily.

    The Jeff Rense Show airs M-F from 10 PM-5 AM EST


    The Alex Jones Show:

    Alex Jones is a nationally syndicated talk show host and documentary filmmaker from Austin, Texas. He is renowned for his documentary films, websites and his radio show, all of which help to expose government corruption and the New World Order, covering topics ranging from 9/11 and the globalist agenda for world-government, to the police state in America and destruction of civil rights and liberties.

    Though Jones can be over-dramatic and sensationalistic at times, his body of work and research is immense, impressive and extremely informative.

    The Alex Jones show airs M-F from 12-3 PM EST


    More shows:

    Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith:

    The Power Hour:

    The Jack Blood Show:

    Cloak and Dagger:

    The Lou Epton Show:
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    where can i download the FREE version of winamp? I can't find it, don't want to somehow get the non-free one.

    Is anyone else getting tired of flashy websites that are too hard to use, because theres too much graphics and not enough navigational info? You have to look through a whole freaking page of eye-torturing graphics and different fonts just to find the thing you need.

    sorry for that little rant...

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