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    ..needed not by havenots,
    needed not so by haves,
    Things people fight for,
    things people fight about,
    things people kill over,
    things to make people shout.

    Buy this, have that,
    You need that,
    You want this,
    it's the system we love,
    the system is our cufflink,
    the system is a chain's link.

    Chain of shame,
    chain of captive thought,
    chain of body,
    chain of a motive, that is seen not,
    not to be reality,
    as reality is unreal,
    so real is that reality,
    too real,
    so we ignore it.

    We deplore it.

    We buy it.
    We store,
    we keep,
    we hoard it.


    Let them go.

    Let them go,
    and you might just know.

    What 'tis to be free,
    to be liberated is,
    not bound by that,
    and bound by this,
    to have need for this,
    and have a want for that,
    but to enjoy what is true,
    enjoy that which is you,
    and that which we are,
    is all one, me and you,
    the Earth and I, I and thee,
    We are One made of two.

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