The Worst Thing at The Worst Moment

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Salaminized, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Salaminized

    Salaminized Member

    When you've sat down, got your tunes going and ready for that first toke of the day and *shclick* *shclick* *shclick*...lighter's outta fumes. Fuuuuuck. Had to switch from a bowl to a bong so I wouldn't singe myself with the blowtorch too. Wouldn't it suck to like burn an eye and have it swell outta your head and just dangle there? Would almost be the fitting end to this rotten day.
  2. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    I'm outta cigarettes, that's what is bad.
    Fuck you and your problems.
    Get me smokes or stfu
  3. Eskimo101

    Eskimo101 Banned

    ill send u lighters if u send me weed
  4. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    wouldn't you rather smoke out of a bong rather than a pipe anyway?
  5. Eskimo101

    Eskimo101 Banned

    no he would rather exchange lighters for weed with me
  6. lucjl volcin

    lucjl volcin Senior Member

    lol at this thread :D
  7. "the condom broke"...
  8. thisisme5

    thisisme5 Herbal enthusiast

    Lol it not even that bad... You had another lighter and got to hit a bong i dont see the downside
  9. Subliminal89

    Subliminal89 A Tokémon Master

  10. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    i hate when retards complain about being too fucking stupid to smoke.

    ooooh im outta papers, worst day of my life...

    oooh lighter broke, thats it, im done for...

    wtf ?? if you smoked less, you would be able to use your brain more = less worst things at the worst time.

    i dont think there was evera time, when i only had one pack of papers, or just one lighter. theyre cheap as fuck you stock up, and stock up again when you begin running low.

    I dont want to imagine how other, more important things work for you, when ur takin a shit, do you post about how bad it is since your outta toilet paper too???

  11. Buddha Fish

    Buddha Fish wanderin' fish

    you're telling people to smoke less? i've never heard that one...

    smoak moar
  12. MaryJBlaze

    MaryJBlaze eleven


    life is rough

    congrats on not killing yourself....

    going through the trauma of switching from pipe to bong can be very hard, there are people you can talk to about this.....

    or you can just stfu since you smoked your bowl no harm no foul:rolleyes:
  13. Bad.Fish

    Bad.Fish Sex wee pon de babylon

    theres always some way to make fire, my friend was using his "ghetto lighter" for a while :p
    that was just basically spraying lynx on a table, igniting it with an old lighter, lighting a rolled up piece of paper with the burning lynx...light a candle with that and there you go
  14. thisisme5

    thisisme5 Herbal enthusiast

    O god too many steps
  15. comfortably_numb9

    comfortably_numb9 an asshole

    i was loking in my bowl to see how much resine was in it and the light in my room wouldnt light up the inside of the bowl, so i used my long stick lighter and singed my eelashes.
  16. Bad.Fish

    Bad.Fish Sex wee pon de babylon

    yeah but if you have no other way of making fire you have to be creative

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