The world will end in 2060, according to Newton

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by 3407LOVE, Aug 31, 2013.

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    Overpopulation is total bullshit.
    Humans spend too much money on pointless things like wars. I read somewhere that the world spent way more then 100 trillion dollars in one year just for war.
    Maybe if we used that money for science we could start building cities underwater or later in air. Everything is possible. The Earth has enough place. We could have environment-friendly technology everywhere and live with the nature as one. Give and take the same amount.
    Overpopulation is a myth. And even if we reached the point where there would be too many people for earth to sustain by then we could be living on the fucking Jupiter. Open your minds people. For fuck sake.
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    If this is the case... I will be almost 80 years old.
    so that's fine with me.. :D
  3. I don't know. I mean I personally think that no one can find out exactly when we will all die. I believe we will all die at once someday when they sun of our decides he will die too.
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    Yeah, over the years I've heard that the world will end at this or that time. But I am always sorely disappointed.
  5. Mass depopulation needs to happen asap.
    I wonder, if the government opened rooms in which were filled with poison gas and you didnt have any pain, and could go in at anytime to end your life at your own will, I wonder how popular these would be....I bet alot of suicidal ppl would take up the opportunity.
  6. themnax

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    less brutal methods are preferable. something in the water or air, to lower human fertility would do the job. pity atmospheric carbon isn't having this affect.

    nature's alternative, if continued to be ignored, is mass famine and pandemic. indifference to the causing of climate change continually increases the likelihood of this happening.

    i wouldn't worry so much. this will happen soon enough. unless to worry about experiencing it. this will be neither pleasant nor entertaining.

    we COULD still reduce the severity of this unpleasantness by using technological alternatives we already have. solar powered narrow gauge railways instead of cars, distributed collection of incident energy rather then centralized use of combustion to generate it. reforestration instead of deforestration. smaller houses with less wasted ritual space.

    the three big ones though are still transportation, energy and population.

    as for the thread title. the world ended in 1844, just as it had in the year one and the year 600 i think it was, and every thousand years, give or take a few hundred, for at least the past 23,000, and will continue doing so, every thousand, give or take a few hundred, going forward.

    but of course it isn't really "the world" that is going anywhere. its US. we're the ones ending, and it is ourselves who are ending us. and it is still, albeit collective, CHOICE.

    like george carlin said, the planet is doing just fine. ... but it can and (possibly will) shake US off, like a dog shaking off fleas.

    it just doesn't HAVE to happen. not entirely. we may be too late to completely prevent it all. but its NOT too late, to make those changes that will significantly reduce the degree of suffering and pain.

    (as for completely voluntary suicide, that might be just fine if there were any way to guarantee it could be kept completely voluntary, but it really wouldn't make nearly as much difference, probably not even enough to be noticeable, as the three major changes i've outlined)
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    One of the best of your posts I've read for a while themnax. (and I have read a lot of them, even if I often choose not to respond):)

    I've chosen only to comment on these bits.

    I agree that if we could find a method to reduce fertility, it would be a good way to reduce the birthrate.
    Still, a lot of money is spent every year in things like creating test tube babies, because people feel incomplete unless they can reproduce. So I think a kind of shift in human psychology would be needed.
    If they could come up with a pill that just removed all desire for sex, that might be a step in the right direction. I doubt that the idea would be well received though.

    I think transportation, energy and population are very big. However I'd add a couple of other big things - the means of exchange, and the means of actual production (of food or commodities)

    3rd thing - you Americans are so xenophobic sometimes!!
    It's not just America that's fucked. Europe is equally fucked. Probably it is the entire world order.
    America was good for a while. Britain was good for a while, Greece and Spain too.
    None of that's going to help us much in the future.

    It could be though that the death of America will be the death of the world. Or the world as we know it. Like the death of the Roman Empire.
  8. AceK

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    theres no suck thing as the end of the world .. well actually there is. but it won't happen in one day, or even one year. probably not even one century. eventually the sun will burn up all of its hydrogen and expand to eventually engulf the earth but that won't happen in one day. it will probably start by things getting hotter and hotter till nothing can live here anyway but this will be a very very long long time from now.

    MILLIONS of years !!
  9. BlackBillBlake

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    Yes - but we as humans could fuck up, as we might seem to be doing, destroy our civilization and our race. The world will still be there, just like it was still there after the dinosaurs disappeared.
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    The population=pollution=population fall metric doesn't fall necessary in consideration. Pollution is waste and effluent is the product of consumption. A person can exist all alone in the world and spoil his own nest.
    Cities exist so people can get fat or fatter than their native forage might have provided. Personal excess takes a dump on everything.
  11. themnax

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    one day to end is as good as another, but the only world that is threatened is that of human society, and the greatest real threat to it, is that which it is inflicting on itself by its inconsideration toward the realities of the environment which makes its own existence possible.

    i do not believe business will go on as usual until suddenly a bell will sound and we all fall down. no. these things happen painfully and over a period of time.

    and they are allowed to happen, in much the same way as a lobster allows itself to be boiled in that nice warm hot tub.

    far be it from though, i suppose, to point out an obvious reality, others feel they have much to gain by denying.
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    thc gas chambers
    millions would
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    Posting to get to the last page. :)
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    Wasn't worth it.
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    I thought it was supposed to end May 2003.

    I thought it was supposed to end Dec 21st 2012

    If it does end in 2060 I'll be the ripe old age of 88 and my wife will be 87. We will be holding each other when the time comes. A happy ending for us.

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