The World and Me

Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by Ocean Bionic, Feb 3, 2009.

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    so heres a bit of a song i'm working on... its supposed to be kind of silly, I sing it like im a cute, teenage goon.

    The World and Me

    im sore, and sitting here on the ocean floor,
    in my blue tank submarine without a door.
    and theres no where else where i would rather be.

    except for free, from the world i cant believe.
    its just the world, the world and me.

    its me, making greeting cards for friends that gave,
    their whole lifes work and threw it all away.
    perhaps thats how they want it to be.

    except for me, free from the world that i cannot see.
    its just the world, the world and me.

    love, its something you can reach but cannot touch.
    perhaps its all a joke made from lust.
    then i lust you like Frampton lusts your way.

    for gods sake, make me who i want to be.
    its just the world, the world and me.

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