The Whitman College Beer Mile

Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by TreePhiend, May 12, 2004.

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    I just participated in a magnicifent event of higher learning: The Whitman College Beer Mile. It involves running 4 laps arround the main quad, which is exactly one mile. At the begining of each lap the participants drink one beer. There was a great turnout this year, about 500 out of the 1,400 student body. Many people run it naked, and good times are had by all. It is held evey year at 12:00 AM on reading day.

    Does anyone else's school have any crazy, "underground" events like this? SHARE EM!
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    Our's aren't really underground, but we have (sponsored by the college) Safer Sex night in the fall and Drag Ball in the spring. Think campus-wide orgy and even bigger campus-wide orgy. Not really, though, just big parties.
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    at my school, we have this thing called UP 500, were sophomores in the Corps run around the UP. this is during the winter and when the UP is covered in snow. the sophomores are usually in there underwear or less. as they run around, they get pelted with snowballs and run through snow mounds. i'm doing it next year, can't wait.
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    Springfest, everyone drunk by 1pm moshing to a 80s cover band

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